Needing to Connect? Twin City Area Optimist Club is Accepting New Members


Do you set annual or monthly “themes” goals?

Do you have a word or a concept that you focus on for a period of time? 

In 2023, my theme/concept of focus was to CONNECT. As I reflect back, I am extremely grateful for all the connections I made. 

One of the most fun and significant connections was completely random and unexpected. I believe the serendipity made it even more special. I was invited to attend a Twin City Area Optimist Club meeting on a Thursday for lunch at Taytro’s Bar and Bistro in April of 2023.

My intention for attending was to learn more about this nonprofit organization, who I heard was making a positive difference in our community. 

This was a special meeting, as it was all about what the organization was about, geared toward membership information and benefits. 

The energy in the room was light, fun, and free. 

I was greeted with loving kindness by every member I interacted with. Our interactions were engaging and warm.

I felt connected, despite being an itty-bitty bit younger than some of them. 

It all felt so natural. It was a special feeling, one of comfort, as well as enthusiasm. These women were uplifting, motivating, and inspiring. I was so enamored and impressed by the way these women were working together to create such an incredible impact within our community, within a variety of special projects.

The people drew me in. 

Their mission solidified my decision to sign up to become a member that day. 

The community impact this organization has still enamors me. 

Regardless if you have a theme or a goal to connect more, or be more involved; or, perhaps just make some friends in 2024, this is a non-paid endorsement, inviting you to learn more about the Twin City Area Optimist Club.

If any of this resonates with you, please connect with me, I would love for you to be my guest at a meeting sometime.

I would love for you to feel the same kind of warmth and connection within this special, impactful group. 

These pictures were from a fun meeting at the end of 2023.

Local Facebook page: (1) Twin City Area Optimist Club | Facebook

Club website: Volunteering, Helping Children – Twin City Area Optimist Club (

Optimist International website:

Learn more about this group, and a previous write up from my first experience there:

Twin City Area Optimist Club

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