The ✨FREE✨ Sampling of HTA & ATB!

Dara Riney & Denny Foster, HTA Board Members

Samples are spectacular. Really. Just think about it. You can peruse around Costco, nibbling on itty-bitty, free samples and, before you know it, you have literally consumed an entire meal! 

Sampling is an opportunity to test and try something with a curious, open mind. You are granted full permission to be noisy without the expectation of providing anything back in return. You are allowed to witness, observe, experience and ponder. The invitation to sample something exudes a light and liberating energy. 

On behalf of the many proud members of the non-profit Historic Tanglefoot Association organization, we would like to extend a sampling invitation to you…

YOU are Invited to a ✨FREE✨ Sampling of HTA (Historic Tanglefoot Association) & ATB (All Terrain Beer):

When: Thursday, August 24 at 6:00 PM (to last around an hour)

Where: Heuby E. Moore Band Building, 711 West Main Street, Festus, MO

Why: To sample what this organization is all about

This meeting, open to the general public, will have three primary objectives to disclose and discuss:

  • New businesses along Festus Main Street/Crystal City Bailey Road/Mississippi Avenue 
  • Updates/changes in this area 
  • Meaningful membership benefits

Denny Foster, HTA Board Member and Owner of Main & Mill Brewing & Barrelworks, is enhancing the evening of sampling by serving each guest with a complimentary, exclusive can of Main & Mill’s NEW amazing All Terrain Beer, which was JUST canned on Thursday, August 17! 

Dara Riney, HTA Board Member and Realtor with Gateway Real Estate, is sweetening the attendance incentive by gifting a colorful can koozie to pair with your brewsky, which features an image of local canine celebrity, Larry! This pairing will allow you to keep your beverage cool throughout the engaging meeting.

Engagement and collaboration is what the Historic Tanglefoot Association is all about. As we all see and feel the rapid changes and growth within our community, we want citizens and business owners to be cohesive in the efforts of revitalization. We believe each person plays an integral role in this place we call home. We value you. 

ALL is welcome to attend as we pave the way, navigating this new TERRAIN together, perhaps while sipping on some All Terrain Beer.

If you live, work or do business in Festus or Crystal City, this invitation goes out to you. Newcomers (like me!), long time residents, budding businesses, bashful entrepreneurs, you fill in the blank. There are no prerequisites to attend. 

This will not be fancy, nor will it be formal. We do hope it will be fun.

We encourage you to show up as you are, who you are. There will be no pressure and no commitment as you savor the sampling.

Denny summed it up, “If you care about our community, show up and have fun.”

Please accept our invitation to show up for an hour and be our guest on Thursday, August 24th at 6:00 PM.

Relish in the exclusive, insider information, the camaraderie, a cold brewsky and permission to be noisy without the expectation of anything in return. 

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to channel that curiosity and courage. We look forward to seeing/meeting you.

P.S. Sampling is always sweeter with another. Please share this post/link to extend the invite to a friend and spread the word. 

If you are unable to make it on August 24th, but are intrigued to learn more, please reach out: 

Historic Tanglefoot Association

These pictures were from the August 17, 2023 HTS Board Meeting. These people prove love and laughter have the power to boost the betterment of our community..and most anything is better with beer from Main & Mill Brewing Company??

My first experience with the Historic Tanglefoot Association:

11/16/23 – The Next Historic Tanglefoot Association General Meeting

More about Main & Mill Brewing Company:

Main & Mill Brewing Company in Festus, MO


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