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A Brilliant Business: Boxed In Escape Rooms In Festus, MO

A Brilliant Business: Boxed In Escape Rooms:

MTV…the “Music” television network influenced the lives of at least three generations of teenagers and young adults. Most Gen X-ers, Millennials, and Gen Z-er’s are sentimental about the music, music videos, and shows they watched on MTV, with or without their parents’ approval. The Challenge has always been my favorite. In fact, I am still watching The Challenge now! With 38 aired seasons, the span of generations know how thrilling it is to watch contestants overcome physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges on a quest to earn a title and a prize. Hearts race, break and are filled with pride, all in one episode. The ups and downs are real. While I understand the enhanced exaggerations behind a produced reality television show, I recently felt real ups and downs, like I was a legit contestant on The Challenge when I accepted the challenge to participate in a one-hour mental obstacle course to solve puzzles to escape out of a room on our charming and historic Main Street. 

Located at 102 E Main Street in Festus, Missouri, Boxed In Escape Rooms provides an exhilarating and entertaining experience for many generations to enjoy. Unlike MTV’s The Challenge, there are no physical skills needed, only intellectual, and perhaps emotional, endurance is needed to earn a title and the prize of escaping.

The team at Boxed In Escape Rooms have four different escape rooms, all distinctively themed to evoke emotions of enthusiasm, excitement, creativity, mystery, and nostalgia. Regardless of which room you choose, you will be impressed by rooms’ incredible aesthetics, including interactive elements like sounds and lights. 

We chose the 90s Nostalgia room, which had spot-on details reminiscent of the history and culture of that decade. I was instantly taken back in time, remembering my younger MTV-loving, adolescent self. Whether you are on a date, with the family, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, bonding with your work team, appreciating your employees, laughing with your ladies, or having fun with the fellas, everyone will reminisce about the challenging and rewarding experience within any escape room you choose.

This was my first-ever “escape room” experience, so I was relieved when the Boxed In Escape Rooms team helped to explain how it all worked. Prior to walking in, we (well, my thoughtful partner, Jason), reserved our time slot on their convenient website. Here, he was able to pick what day/time was best for us, as well as pay online. We were each able to fill out an easy-peasy electronic waiver, and received confirmations every step of the way.

Once we stepped foot inside Boxed In Escape Rooms, we were welcomed by the cheerful and courageous business owners, J.R. and Heather Booker. They each beamed with pride when they described how much they have accomplished to create such a captivating space for all ages. Having just opened in March of 2022, this couple brings a family-friendly energy to running their brilliant business. Their attention to detail is impeccable. It is obvious they carry this vibe over when working with their team, as their staff is equally focused on being social and friendly, providing top-notch customer service.

J.R. and Heather Booker, Owners of Boxed In Escape Rooms

On our night out, we worked mostly with our Room Host, Savi, who educated us on how the game, locks, and room worked, as well as helped us as we were playing when we needed some clues to spark a new idea. She was sweet and delightful!

Regardless if you know anything about any of the four rooms’ themes (currently 90s Nostalgia, Dinner Date Disaster, Search for Sasquatch, and Santa’s Naughty or Nice), or not, you will be surprised at how much can be solved by simply being present, witnessing all the nuances within the room and thinking outside of the box (pun intended). Everything means something. I was amazed by how much my heart raced, broke and was filled with pride, all in one hour.

There were so many moments when I had NO clue and I felt like giving up, but I/we kept searching, thinking and observing. Even though our communication and teamwork was fantastic, we just barely escaped, with only one minute and twelve seconds left. It felt truly remarkable to have accomplished the victory. While the actual escape felt miraculous, it was more about sticking with the challenges, overcoming the obstacles and experiencing those light bulb (or duh!) moments that are the most magical and memorable. 

Such is a parallel in our life, with any/all of our real ups and downs. When we apply an observant, creative, “beginner’s mind” attitude to the puzzles in our life, trusting that others will provide clues of wisdom to help us along the way, we learn that the whole experience of solving problems is more meaningful than walking out the door at the end. Each itty-bitty piece of the puzzle comes together, making it all worth it…in this life and within one’s time at Boxed In Escape Room. 

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to participate and have fun in a real life challenge like no other. Stop in to introduce yourself to J.R., Heather, and their terrific team, and thank them for working so hard to bring such a unique, engaging and brilliant business to our community.

Boxed In Escape Rooms

102 E Main Street

Festus, MO 63028

(636) 465-0944

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