A Newfound Appreciation For Appliances With Midwest Appliance Repair

Dustin with Midwest Appliance Repair

Appliances are kind of like our minds and bodies. We use them, sometimes abuse them, and take them for granted…that is, until they stop working. Then, we really tune in to how grateful we are for them when they are functioning with ease and efficiency.

Unlike our minds and bodies, it is not always known or predicted when a home appliance will go out, or simply in need of some itty-bitty, extra loving to be repaired or restored. Oddly, both my dishwasher and refrigerator recently needed some extra-loving. 

I loved the ease of scheduling, and working with the professional and efficient local DeSoto, Missouri-based company, Midwest Appliance Repair. I was extremely impressed with Dustin, their Master-Diagnoser and Problem-Solver (I created these names for him, haha). Dustin was welcomed into my home on several occasions due to my appliances going out at different times, oddly within a short timeframe. Dustin was able to easily and efficiently diagnose the problems, order new parts, and return to install to get everything functioning again, with ease and efficiency.

As with anything that works…until it doesn’t, I now express more gratitude for my home appliances, as well as for Dustin and Midwest Appliance Repair. I now have a newfound appreciation for the simple things in my life, like home appliances, that I have previously taken for granted.

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to take inventory of what is currently working with ease and efficiency in your life…and what is not. 

If you have an appliance that is on the fritz, I invite you to connect with Midwest Appliance Repair.

If you have an aspect of your mind or body that is on the fritz, I invite you to check out all the other local Master-Diagnosers and Problem-Solvers within our fantastic Festus-area community within the “Friends” category on this website.

Mindful reflections for how you can restore and repair your mind within the “Mind” category.

Thank you for reading, sharing, connecting with, and supporting our local small businesses.


Midwest Appliance Repair

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We Service ALL Major Brands

Washers – Dryers – Refrigerators – Freezers – Ice Makers

Microwaves – Ranges – Ovens – Dishwashers – Water Heaters

Dryer Vents – Heating & Cooling

“Put your mind at rest, call Midwest!”

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