A Relaxing Date Night to Replicate

Kasabi Japanese Steak, Sushi & Ramen in Festus, MO

☝️? ?  Sweet and savory sushi at Kasabi Japanese Steak, Sushi & Ramen

…followed by…

✌️??A chill acoustic set by Elliot Pearson [@thepassinglanestl], accompanied by terrific top shelf Long Island iced teas to sip on at Taytro’s Bar and Bistro.

…all night we had…

✔️ Convenient parking

✔️ Immediate seating

✔️ Fresh food

✔️ Refreshing drinks

✔️ Exceptional service

✔️ Relaxing entertainment

…what more could one ask for!?

This is an itty-bitty, non-paid endorsement, inviting you to share this idea with others, connect with someone on a date, and support all there is love within our local Festus-area community. Enjoy!❤️

Where are do you like to go on a date night around here?

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