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Sandra Hendrix and Amy Baum with All For Family

We have all charged through trauma. We all heal and recover from different things, at different times of our life.

Some of us are living within the thick of the trauma now. Some of us survived trauma at an itty-bitty age. Children, of all ages, who are in the foster care system, or are somehow disconnected from their biological parent(s), for whatever reason, are likely living in a traumatic chapter of their life.

The nonprofit organization, All For Family, is there for children and parents to have moments to connect through the trauma.

All For Family offers much-needed connection breaks, without the drama attached. They work with case workers and parents who need supervised visitations with their child, without a price tag attached. They schedule free, trained volunteers to sit in for a comfortable visit in a safe, neutral environment. 

All For Family provides the space for a parent and child to play, talk, interact, and connect. They have designated rooms, with toys and activities, inside churches in Hillsboro and Arnold. Both locations also have outdoor playground equipment, and room to run around outside, as well. 

One may wonder why someone would need a room for a supervised visit with their child?

Each and every situation is different and more complicated, with a deeper reason, than what appears on the surface level.

One may also conjure up subconscious feelings of judgment or negativity regarding a child being around a parent, who, for whatever reason, lost their parenting privilege/needs a supervised visit.

All For Family is making intentional efforts to shift this perspective from negative to positive.

All For Family has a mission to create awareness around the real stories and real people behind the real struggles of addiction, mental health, poverty, and the other traumatic circumstances that can separate a parent from their child. It is more than drumming up sympathy for the children who did not choose to be in this situation.  All For Family is inviting people to open their mind and capacity to understand there are many, many different stories. All valid. All real.

And, regardless of the traumatic adult story, all children long for a sense of belonging. All children need and want to feel safe, secure, and connected with their family unit.

In addition to respecting the parents who are healing, All For Family supports the children, who often do not have the voice, authority, or advocacy to communicate their needs, some of which they may not even comprehend.

If you would like to comprehend and learn more, and/or be of service to those in a traumatic chapter, All For Family offers many opportunities for people to be involved with their impactful initiative.

One can be a volunteer, become a visit supervisor, join their Board of Directors, donate, attend events, support them on social media, and/or simply share this story to help raise awareness and shift perspectives.

Sandra Hendrix, Office Manager, with Amy Baum, President, of All For Family

This is a non-paid endorsement, respecting and supporting the The All For Family team who respects and supports what others are doing to heal and recover from trauma. They embody what “community” should be. Within a diverse community, none of us are in exactly the same place, needing exactly the same things at the same time. We are all on different paths. This allows each of us to give, receive, share, connect, and support one another as we are able to do so, when we are able to do so. Community allows people of all ages to heal, despite what traumatic chapter they might be in.

All For Family

Keeping Families CONNECTED – One Visit At A Time

(636) 345-5222

Amy Baum, President of All For Family

I had the honor of learning about All For Family when I sat down with their compassionate President, Amy Baum, at the Hillsboro location. Office Manager, Sandra Hendrix, also graced us with her fun and positive energy.

Amy and I met through:

Twin City Area Optimist Club

More on Community:

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