An Observation About OurFESTUS and An Invitation For You

Festus, MO Main Street

Having lived in many other cities and states, I observe a different vibe in the Festus, MO area. While I write about my adoration of this community, it can be a challenge to articulate the difference I notice and feel.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety before and during events, I understand how quickly one can be consumed with their own mental chatter about how we might be perceived or how an event will play out. The more I meet people around here, the calmer I feel.

Here is my observation as to how and why this community is different, especially as it pertains to the many upcoming community events:

You can fully exhale and be comforted to show up as you are.

Whether you are:

—> Solo or with another…

—> There to observe or connect…

—> Tune in or tune out…

—> Simply admire or indulge in a little spending…

—> Stay for 30 min or 5 hours…

—> Come early or stay late…

It is all your prerogative.

I invite you to be curious and show up to see what our many cultural events are all about.

Your presence helps to bring the energy we all crave in a connected community.

My real observation is that everyone here is accepting; AND, I have also made a mental shift to worry less about being accepted, and focus more on just authentically showing up with a sense of gratitude for having a space to be ME.

This is a non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to exhale and show up exactly as you are to feel into the vibe here.

Perhaps you can come out to:


There is healing within connecting in a community:

Collective Community Healing Energy

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