Dr. Early Celebrating 50 Years in Practice


My pampered pet princess, Evita, recently had her annual vet exam with Dr. Early.

The ever-so-sweet and charming veterinarian proudly proclaimed that he will be celebrating 50 years in veterinary practice this summer! 

He graduated from Washington State in June of 1974, and has been blessing souls with his healing energy ever since. 

Join me in honoring and congratulating this compassionate man in our community.

Here is what I wrote about him/our 2023 annual visit:

Animal Clinic of Herculaneum, Providing Authentic Healing:

Many believe animals have an intense intuition. They have the power to detect pure intention and genuine motive. They can sense energy and smell the authenticity of a soul. Despite discomfort with exams and vaccinations, my intuitive dog, Evita, is always delighted to spend time with Patty and Dr. Early at the Animal Clinic of Herculaneum. It is obvious she can perceive the pair’s authentic, gentle, loving kindness.

Evita recently had her fifth annual exam here. Both Evita and I sense that Patty and Dr. Early are as sweet as can be. Patty works in the front office and has been with Dr. Early for 23 years. Dr. Early is proud to celebrate the milestone achievement of being a veterinarian for 50 years, in 2024. He has been at the Herculaneum location since 1980 and is still accepting new patients.

Animal Clinic of Herculaneum is always clean. They are efficient with scheduling to get us in and out without waiting. They have helped with all aspects of Evita’s proactive and reactive care with vaccinations, tests, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, medication, education and more. Our family is grateful for Patty and Dr. Early’s consistent compassion in the way they use their gentle healing energy to help pets in our community. Evita can attest to their authentic sweetness, as can I. 

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to learn more about the local vet clinics in our area and observe how your pet tunes in and reacts to the energy of others.

Animal Clinic of Herculaneum

1375 McNutt St, Herculaneum, MO 63048

(636) 937-1655

Do you have any soul-sensing stories of how your pet picked up on the spirit of another?

We are all so curious and would love for you to share on social media.

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