Anne Gegg, Astonishingly Aligned, Guided by God

Anne Gegg with her son.

Alignment of two seemingly opposite facets of life can create astonishing results.

As we are engrained with traditional logic and instant facts, it can be easy to tune out the possibilities of something that does not “make sense” at first.

Local Festus native/Crystal City resident, talented musician, and driven entrepreneur, Anne Gegg, is on a mission to help people tune into the astonishing  scientific benefits of music.

While we do not typically correlate science with the art of music, as a certified Senior Music Therapist with a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy, Anne works with people of all ages to improve their life through the art of music.

As she describes, music provides organized structure and a safe space for our minds, bodies, and souls to be nourished. Music delivers clear signals to allow us to receive nourishment on many physical, emotional, social, and intellectual levels. 

Despite wanting ease and convenience in our modern, fast-paced world, it can be a detriment to our neurochemistry. Many of us are unsatisfied on a fundamental and biological level. Music therapy helps to access and nourish how our brain functions, aligning with our bodies to actually, scientifically, release a powerful and energizing dopamine hit while rewiring our brain’s itty-bitty neural pathways.

Music has the power and energy to evoke memories, bring comfort, divert pain, create hope, and channel a connected alignment with our self, and a higher power.

In addition to Anne full-heartedly believing in the seemingly paradoxical alignment of music and science, she also full-heartedly believes in the seemingly paradoxical alignment of trusting her higher power to guide her in her business. Anne’s aligned authenticity in loving God, music, and people is admirable.

While Anne has been a Music Therapist for the last 15 years, she recently opened her new business, True North Music, named after her aligned connection with God.

Anne has a loving energy that is as comforting and powerful as music. She operates and shows up with pure intentions, and a conviction to make a positive impact. Her actions, aligned with her True North connection, are creating powerfully astonishing positive results in our world.

This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to learn more about Anne’s astonishingly aligned positive results, testimonials, and all she offers our community on her new website.

Her website also highlights the values MyFESTUS(.com) aligns with:

“Part of True North’s mission and brand is to give back to local small businesses, charities and organizations.  We believe in helping and supporting each other, and watching our community thrive by bringing awareness to all it’s great and wonderful people, businesses, and organizations.”

Connect with the Astonishingly Aligned Anne:

Anne M. Gegg

Senior Music Therapist

CEO, Founder of

True North Music LLC, is a Christian owned, woman owned and operated music services business specializing in Music Therapy, music lessons, singing telegrams and music for special events.


Anne and I met and enjoyed smoothies at Daily Flavors. Her adorable son, Owen, joined us at the end.

Nothing Artificial about Daily Flavors in Festus, MO

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