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We offer self-storage options for people or businesses who need a place to store their items. This industry is centered around people who are in the middle of a transitional period, and oftentimes it can be a very stressful situation. We mostly have renters who use self-storage as a short-term solution, but we also have some customers who have been valued tenants for years. Self-storage is a vital option for when a person is inevitably affected by the 5 D’s in life; Downsizing, Disaster, Death, Displacement and Divorce. When traumatic life events happen, many people aren’t sure what the next best step to take is. APB Storage provides that solution for those who are in a vulnerable place. Since we are a family-owned business, we can empathize with our clients as real people more than a corporate-run facility could. We’re also better equipped to assist those in need as we have full jurisdiction over operations. For example, we offer discounts for veterans, active military, teachers and first-responders because we value community and want to give back to those who have sacrificed so much themselves.


Our family’s mission is to provide a safe, secure, and reliable storage resource for people in need. We acquired our first facility, located in Barnhart, in 2019 and saw the need to provide more storage space in the Jefferson County area. We relate with our clients because we have lived, worked, and been involved in Jefferson County communities for the past 30 years (schooling, scouting, church, and several other organizations). Our entire family is involved in the business, taking on a variety of important roles such as management, website design, social media communications, and facility maintenance. As we continue to foster the family business, we believe in and focus our attention on the Jefferson County area. In 2022, we invested in the Festus area to provide first class storage options in the community. We offer a variety of size options to help those that just need a little extra space–whether you live in an apartment, house, or are managing large contractor units. Furthermore, we’ve had our own fair share of stuff built up! Accumulating clutter in the home is inevitable. We sought to find a reliable and affordable solution for ourselves and others in the community.


We support all of our customers by giving a great valued price for the storage options they need. We don’t believe in advertising a teaser rate to attract business, only to raise monthly rental rates shortly after a person moves in. Many self-storage companies operate using a dynamic pricing model. This means their rates change based on supply and demand. For example, rental prices increase on the weekends, because more people are likely to move out of their house on those days. We think this practice is wrong and prefer to offer consistent pricing options. At APB Storage, we offer a 12-month rate guarantee so our customers are confident when choosing where they store their belongings. Our office is staffed Monday – Saturday every week and walk-in clients are encouraged to visit us onsite. We enjoy meeting/seeing our clients in person because we can hear their stories and this helps us to better understand and meet each individual’s needs. Additionally, it grants us the ability to offer customers tours of the facility and an explanation of our array of services. However, if someone prefers to rent online and get immediate access, they may do so at apbstorageunits.com. Our state-of-the-art website is tailored to be a user friendly experience for both desktop and mobile devices. If you know anyone in the Jefferson County area that needs self storage, we would be honored to assist them!

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APB Storage has generously sponsored online space for an incredible nonprofit organization, Ozark Food Pantry, to be highlighted on MyFESTUS.com + our MyFESTUS social media channels. Their story is pending.

ABP Storage, your brave and inspirational family is helping to CONNECT PEOPLE & CREATE COMMUNITY, One Story at a Time. Our world thanks you.

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