Culture & Convenience at the 2024 Art Walk…a Family Affair

Sara and her kids at Summerfest 2023 in Festus, MO

Our charming and historic Main Street in Festus/Crystal City, Missouri will be blocked off on Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 so people of all ages can enjoy the TANGLEFOOT ART WALK from 11 AM – 4 PM.

This is a family-friendly event, full of culture and convenience.



I recently spoke with Michelle Hohmeier, owner of Tree of Life Home Decor & Furnishings, and one of the talented event coordinators/members of the Historic Tanglefoot Association.

Michelle said this year, there will be around 30 pre-approved artists displaying their crafts. There is a focus on unique, authentic, cultural art.

Last year, the event had closer to ten artists. My family and I attended last year. It was a warm evening filled with connection and creativity. I so enjoyed meeting and talking to so many amazing and talented people. I will let my photos of our fun speak for themselves. 

This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to join in on the fun at the 2024 TANGLEFOOT ART WALK event.

I am proud and privileged to share, connect and support our community’s events, education, establishments and encouragement. 

Tanglefoot Events

The 2023 Summerfest Art Walk Event:


Why I love our community:

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Check out the restaurant next to the famous Festus mural:

POG’s/Pogolino’s in Festus, MO

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