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Frog in Festus

We all know how beneficial and beautiful balance is in our life. A new concept has challenged my idea of balance.

I have always tried to maximize my time and cram as much as possible into each hour and each day. Using time-blocking techniques and efficiency hacks, I thought balance was fitting in ALL I could with “opposite endeavors.” For me, this meant splitting time for personal and professional activities. I viewed balance as carving our combinations of connectivity and alone time, intellectual learning and creative undertakings. I regarded balance as filling up each domain bucket to the fullest capacity of the allotted time, within the chapter of life I am living in.

The new concept that I am working to incorporate to feel more balanced is to allow time and space, within my mind and in my actual schedule, to be open. Open to have an authentic and unapologetic gap to receive new ideas, inspiration and rest. An intentional void to perceive and receive messages from others, as well as the universe. Space for spontaneity. This kind of balance feels like having a comforting hug. It is a deep exhale. It is wave of a relief to not rush or feel guilty because there is just not enough time to listen or achieve all we had planned. Real balance is having a calming buffer zone to allow for the unexpected. It is having a reassuring, valuable margin to invite in what can never predict.For all of us who are genuinely busy and slightly overwhelmed with how much we have to do, incorporating “open gaps” is a challenging concept. Perhaps, rather than trying to add in another block of time labeled “free/open time,” are there any itty-bitty activities you can reduce or let go of to experiment with having more space in your mind or day?I am trying to shorten my morning walks in order to have a buffer in the timeframe before my children and I leave the house. Today, I am grateful for having these precious extra moments to witness and experience my son’s proud discovery of a camouflage frog with a sad leg injury. My son named him Nate. We hope Nate heals his wound so he can bounce with balance in his hop again soon.

Allowing open space for subtle surprises can be healing for our soul and our physical well-being.As you map out your schedule for this week, Memorial Day weekend, or even the summer, I invite you to be strategic with your schedule. I encourage you to create some blank slates in your plans. May you be open to redefining the concept and meaning of balance in your life.

Can you recall on a time when you were open…and something delighted, comforted or inspired you in a completely unexpected way? As always, we would love for you to share on social media.

Creating feeling of balance with free time feels really good: 

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