Be Still in Boredom

A praying mantis in Festus, MO

“Mommy, I am bored!”

How many of us have heard this from our itty-bitty little one before!?

Even if you are not a parent, perhaps you begged for attention using these words when you were younger.

We, then, redirect our self, or our child, to FIND something to do. This is what most of us were taught, and this is how most of us now live. If we are bored, we FIND something to do. We become busy.

While I love the fulfillment of feeling busy with meaningful tasks and activities, I am becoming more intentional to allow myself to be bored.

Boredom allows us to settle.

Boredom invites us to let go of the constant stimulation and overwhelm. 

Boredom encourages us to be curious and notice space.

As I practice being still in boredom, I am continually fascinated with what appears within the open space.

“When you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Be still.”

  • Oprah

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to savor moments of stillness, embracing boredom.

I took these pictures of this still praying mantis in our Festus, Missouri subdivision. I recently learned that in many cultures, the praying mantis is a symbol of stillness. Some believe when you witness a praying mantis, it is a powerful sign to assess your current situation and evaluate if you need to be more still to have more peaceful patience, or a more intentionally calm focus.

As I have a new practice to be consciously bored, I would love to learn if this is something you try to incorporate into your day/week/month?

If so, how? 

Do you schedule this time? 

Or, do you take in signs that signal it is time to slow down and be still? 

I am so curious. 

Please add any of your thoughts/reflections/recommendations in the comments on social media.

Your contribution is helpful to everyone.

As always, if you find this idea/concept to be helpful to you, please take a moment out to share it to help another. Thank you.

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