Beauty in Buffer Building

Beauty in Buffering
I have come to the realization that I have lived the majority of my adult life in a mental state similar to the intense velocity of a exhilarating roller coaster. Both intentional and subconscious, I recognize situations I have created that cause me feelings of extreme high-highs and low-lows.

Never with malicious ill-will toward myself, I always thought I could push myself just a little more…

  • work a little more…
  • be awake a little more…
  • run a little more…
  • eat a little more…
  • spend a little more…
  • ______ a little more…
More often than not, the “little mores” felt good until they didn’t. They added up to a point where there was some sort of crash and burn. I became so stressed and exhausted, I was forced have to stop to heal, rest and recuperate.
Sure, that pattern worked, got me through, but I am now making conscious efforts to shift my focus to create more buffers in my life to allow more peaceful fluctuations with my thoughts, expectations and actions.

One can apply sensible moderation and healthy boundaries to so many different life domains:

  • Time/energy
  • Money/resources
  • Food/drink
  • Relationships
  • Aspirations
  • Sleep/rest
As I welcome this weekend and contemplate where to start on my “To Do” list (both mentally and written down), I remind myself that there is beauty in building a buffer zone… to fit in a little more rest, laughter, creativity and connection. This is the “little more” I need to cultivate a more balanced brain/life.
I invite you to think about how you might incorporate some itty-bitty buffers on the sidelines of your fulfilling path…ways you can soften the shocks of a high velocity life.
As always, please share and comment your insight(s) with our community.

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