Boyer’s Bin Blasting, Serving the Festus, MO Area

Grace & Michael with Boyer's Bin Blasting

Do you ever notice how things around our home speak to us? Books are asking to be read. Shelves are requesting to be dusted. Our garage is desperate for us to declutter, even just an itty-bitty bit, as they are begging for some breathing room.When it comes to our garbage bin containers, they often communicate and behave much like unruly teenagers, screaming for attention in the most negative way. They don’t wash themselves which makes their foul stench unbearable. They invite unwelcomed guests like bees to hang around. When we try to put them outside for a time-out, to air out, we then get complaints from our neighbors and subdivision association warning us to put those yucky garbage bins back in their place, out of sight. What is a busy parent of a disgusting garbage bin to do? Boyer’s Bin Blasting makes house calls to blast the negative behavior right out of your garbage bins. They conveniently curb the nastiness right at your curb.

Boyer’s Bin Blasting is a professional garbage bin cleaning and power-washing service. With an impressively innovative truck, they are able to deep clean and sanitize garbage bins, dumpsters and more. The high-powered truck blasts out 200-degree hot water to disinfect and sterilize bins. In addition to the truck working its magic, they hand powerwash to clean the inside and outside of each bin, ensuring they combat germs hiding in the rims, cracks and crevasses. This cleaning, along with applying an odor ban banishes the funk and filth living in your garbage bins.

Their truck and tools clean up more than just garbage bins. They help homeowners and business owners with the grossest of issues. The truck has a large water tank, long hoses and all the needed accessories to provide precise power washing services to residential and commercial dumpsters, homes, buildings and more. With Missouri’s hot summer temperatures and festival/party-season approaching, their service to blast odors, disinfect sticky, germ-covered bins helps us all breath better, while minimizing the attraction of bees.

They can provide a one-time service which is extremely helpful before hosting a big event, as well as thereafter. As with any long-lasting behavior changes, the Boyer family recognizes the need for maintenance to keep the negative side-effects at bay. They work with individuals, subdivisions and businesses to set up an affordable monthly and quarterly maintenance cleaning schedules. When neighbors and clusters of businesses rally together, Boyer’s Bin Blasting can provide a reduced rate to clean several bins within close proximity on the same cleaning schedule. Much like regular dental cleanings, this consistent schedule prevents a nasty build up to save you money, and the headache of your disruptive garbage bin screaming and getting fresh with you, when it needs to be freshened up.

Locally born and raised in the Festus, Missouri area, the Boyer family is a breath of fresh air. They are family-owned and operated, proud of their family unit working together. Alyssa and Michael were a delight to work with. Alyssa set everything up with the schedule, while Michael and their daughter, Grace, came out to clean our garbage bins. I was impressed with everything from their truck set up, to their professional yet personable personalities, kind dispositions and each of their attention to detail to thoroughly clean and sanitize our garbage bins.

I encourage you to allow the Boyer family to give your garbage bins the attention they are craving. Please reach out to them to learn how they can help blast the bad behavior right out of your grimy garbage bins. Boyer’s Bin Blasting cleans up their act so you can live in peace again.

May we all recognize the many brave entrepreneurs who courageously show up to peacefully provide their acts of service to our community. I invite you to join me in supporting to help these small, local businesses thrive.

Boyers Bin Blasting

I ran into Alyssa with Boyers at:

On the Grind Coffee Company in Crystal City, MO…and now in House Springs, MO!


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