Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center in Imperial, MO

Cactus Pete's in Imperial, MO

??⭐️February Family Fun at Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center:

February in Festus, Missouri is far different than February in Wisconsin, where I grew up. Here it could be warm, or cold; sunny, or rainy. Sometimes we want to bask in the weather, while other times, we want to hide away from it.
This Wisconin girl has come to enjoy and appreciate the itty bitty, and sometimes big, fluctuations of weather within this area. My kids and I are grateful to have local places to explore…indoors and outdoors…regardless of the weather.
Have you had family fun at Cactus Pete’s in Imperial, Missouri yet?
Check out our previous adventure here from the summer of 2023: ? ?⭐️?

My son recently attended a birthday party at Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center. While I did not stay for the entire party, I walked around to explore and talked with other parents at the end of the party. Many of the moms raved about this place of adventure for unlimited, affordable fun. They talked about the cool local owners, spacious party rooms and the ability to bring in your own food. My son could not stop talking about all the awesome games and how entertaining the party was.

Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center provides space and activities for people of all ages, for itty-bitty and big events. Whether you are looking for a family outing, date night, private get-together, birthday party, fundraiser, team-building/corporate event or some solo time, you can relax and re-connect with your inner explorer at Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center.

Here is more information I learned about Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center online from their website:

“Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center was created by two Dads from Jefferson County that were sick of driving their kids to South County, Fenton and St. Charles to play overpriced video/prize redemption games and laser tag…

The Dads decided to improve on what a family FUN center should be. Namely, FUN, AFFORDABLE and MEMORABLE…

Cactus Pete’s is The Home of the POWER 60 game card.  $30 for 60 minutes of unlimited play!! ALL games (video, drivers, claws, cranes, sports, PRIZE REDEMPTION, and LASER TAG) are included.”

As I am planning out our schedule of places to go with my kiddos this summer, this location is on our list. This is a non-paid endorsement. Join me in supporting our locally owned and operated small businesses.

Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center

1045 Main Street, Imperial, MO 63052


Instagram: @cactuspetesfamilyfuncenter

Also, if you are looking for a fabulous restaurant close to Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center, I highly recommend you check out:

Frankie Gianino’s in Imperial, MO

Another place to explore, outside, in Festus, MO:

Jokerst Memorial Park in Festus, MO

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