Caregiver Appreciation

Caregiver Appreciation

As we start a new week, one that contains a holiday, I am aware that there are often no “weekend or holiday relief” when you give your time and energy as a caregiver, in any capacity, for all age and ability ranges. 

I recently spoke with a caregiver who attended a funeral this week for one of her long-time elderly clients. She, and others, helped to provide 24/7 care for a gentleman living in his home, on hospice, for the remainder of his life.

Due to his illness, this gentleman’s behavior and demeanor started off offensive, rude and inappropriate. Caregivers stayed with him and helped him through all the phases of his journey. Toward the end, he softened and developed connections with each caregiver. He went from cursing and chasing them out the door to kissing their hands, thanking them for their dedication to his needs.

This family recognized, praised and thanked each caregiver at the funeral. They requested for the attending caregivers to stand up and delivered each of them a rose. It warmed my heart to hear about this family’s public appreciation for each caregiver’s unselfish time and energy. Without it, their loved one would not have been able to have his wish of staying in his home, until the very end, come true. This event this week, and learning about her impact, helped to solidify this caregiver’s “why” in her identity of being a caregiver.

Caregiving can often be an exhausting – emotionally and physically demanding job. Ironically, it is also likely a thankless, non-paying job. Caregivers have a genuine mission to serve and help other. 

Summed up by this quote:

“Caregiving has no second agendas or hidden motives. The care is given from love for the joy of giving without expectation, no strings attached.”

– Gary ZukavI take this moment to express my gratitude for each and every caregiver out there. Whether you help someone young or old, itty-bitty or big, with physical and/or mental challenges, I commend you. 

Thank you for being a blessing to so many. 

If you need help in navigating next steps for another life chapter for a senior in your life, I encourage you to connect with Angie:

If you know of someone receiving care, who could have more positivity – at any age/stage, I highly recommend music therapy with Dustin:

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