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Feeling into Freedom

The Fourth of July, as well as the holiday week/weekend, can conquer up an assortment of feelings, emotions, and energy. Perhaps we feel productive, relaxed,

Festus Firecracker Festival

YEA for this year’s Twin City Firecracker Festival in OurFESTUS! Our family always has a blast at this event! Check out our 2023 pictures and

The Construction of The Contrarian

Have you ever watched MTV’s popular television show “MTV Cribs?”  The show invites the audience into celebrity homes for a behind-the-scenes, insider-scoop viewing party. Celebrities


This is the time of year where we are all READY to welcome in a little FUN…right!? ✨ There is so much FUN to be

Discovering the Beauty in the Ditch 

Within this Memorial Day weekend, many of us are traveling, which prompted a travel reflection… We travel on roads, literally and figuratively. Sometimes the street

Ode to Dogwoods

I wrote and posted this last year on April 13, 2023. Today, exactly one year later, I am still reflecting on the beauty within OurFESTUS

10 out of 10 Adventures

My sweet son is turning 10 today! In honor of this special, double digit, golden milestone birthday, I wanted to share our top 10 favorite

9/28/24 – Jeffco Fire Engine Rally

The Jefferson County Firefighters Association Presents the Thirtieth Annual Jeffco Fire Engine Rally on Saturday, September 28, 2024 APPARATUS PARADE at 9:00 AM + FESTIVITIES from

9/28/24 – Dalmation Show and Contest

30th ANNUAL JEFFCO FIRE ENGINE RALLY DALMATIAN SHOW Saturday, September 28, 2024, 11:00 a.m – (tentative) Herculaneum City Park 776 Joachim Avenue Herculaneum, MO Medallions Awarded

Our Itty-Bitty Beliefs

We believe people connect with others who share similar beliefs. There is a MyFESTUS manifesto/set of beliefs firmly rooted within an itty-bitty initiative.  The “Itty-Bitty

Love for the Leader

Growing up in a small, rural, agricultural community in Southwest Wisconsin in the 80’s and 90’s, our local weekly newspaper was our primary source of

What Does “MyFESTUS” Mean?

The name “My Festus” was not created with the word “My” to be synonymous with the author/writer/creator: Sara, but rather for people share a sense

One Year In

✨This MyFESTUS website has been up and running for over a year now.✨ ✨Whoo hoo!✨ While there are even more stories about sharing, connecting, and

Break Out of a Boxed In Escape Room

A Brilliant Business: Boxed In Escape Rooms: MTV…the “Music” television network influenced the lives of at least three generations of teenagers and young adults. Most

✨ is NOW on ✨LinkedIn✨

✨ is now on ✨LinkedIn✨ Please find me & follow me. This is just another itty-bitty way I can share, connect & support our

Dawn Peery, Precise in the Details 

The impressive thing about humanity is how varied each of us are within our skills, talents, abilities, and personality types. All humans are created differently.

Share, Connect, and Support

There is power in sharing, connecting and supporting each other to enhance so many aspects of our life. ?? By sharing and uniting to celebrate our itty-bitty

Collective Community Healing Energy

There is healing power in anything. From observing itty-bitty elements in nature to reading a book to shifting a thought pattern to sharing emotions with

Positive Paradise in Festus, MO

Yesterday was the last day of summer school for Festus students. I am grateful for the entire Festus R-VI School District who cultivated a fun,

Twin City Area Optimist Club

Some words, phrases and concepts just speak to me. I was originally invited to attend a Twin City Area Optimist Club meeting to learn more

An Attitude of Abundance

I have always associated the word/concept of abundance with the word/concept of enough. As in enough resources of something tangible such as money, food, shelter,

ABC’s of Festus Love

Our family completed this fun activity on a break from school and I wanted to share:While school is not in session, our family explored our


Today is the last day of school for many Festus students. Other local schools have already had their final day and so many are graduating

Precious Peonies

“I equate peonies with love because they’re the first blooms of summer.” – Isaac Mizrahi Peonies are a vibrant flower with a beautifully abundant blossom.

For the Love of Music

Last night was an evening full of pride, honoring a school year of commitment and teamwork. Festus Intermediate music students had the opportunity to showcase

Festus Youth Soccer Camp

Festus Soccer will be hosting another Festus Youth Soccer Camp this year from May 30 – June 1. My children have loved this short and

Who Created

At the end of 2022, I challenged myself to tap into my creative writing while connecting with the Festus, Missouri community. I have a genuine

Frankie Gianino’s in Imperial, MO

Some locally, family-owned and operated restaurants provide multiple reasons for wanting to visit them. Frankie Gianino’s, located just ten minutes north of Festus, is one

Wild Card

If you have ever played the card game, Uno, you know how much power lies within a wild card. The player who lays this colorful

The Festus Public Library

With your personality, do you identify as someone who knows what you want and need? Or, do you find yourself more curious and open to

The Puzzling Paradox of a Storm

When a community is hit with a storm, like what the Festus, Missouri area experienced this last weekend, an ironic dynamic between a break and

Space for a Festus Artist

Today is my son’s ninth birthday. He received a Mario Brothers sketchbook and colorful erasable gel pens this morning. The sketchbook is blank, each page

Festus Main Street Fun

Our community is so fortunate to have such excellent, entertaining establishments! So many smiles at my daughter’s friends’ 12-year-old birthday party with sweet treats at

Time for “My Festus”

As a follow-up to my March 4, 2023 post on exploring and identifying a “Service Fulfillment Formula,” I wanted to shine light on my thoughts

Service Fulfillment Formula 

Sometimes we feel stagnant. Despite the busyness that consumes us, or the open space in our schedule, we feel empty. Even if we are always

Word of the Day: Pivot

This morning, as I was drinking my coffee and looking out my kitchen window, I saw the most beautiful, pastel pink streaks in the sky.


“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” – LAURA INGALLS WILDER Wishing you some itty-bitty moments outside to replenish your


Being a transplant resident in Festus, Missouri, many ask WHY I am promoting living and loving life in the Festus area? Having lived in many