Choosing Your Father-Figure Mentor

My Father and I in Platteville, WI

I am beyond blessed to have a fantastic father. Despite now living in different states, he has always been present and engaged. I am grateful for his teachings. I also have an immense appreciation for both of my grandfathers…Bob & Bob…who were extremely positively impactful in my life. These three men have immersed their love, values, wisdom and energy into who I am today. I honor them on this special Father’s Day.

While I am thankful for these men in my life, I am cognizant of those who have never had a strong male or a father figure in their life. I also understand many are grappling with a change or loss of a relationship with their father or father figure. I will never downplay the significance of this role; however, this quote seemed fitting for those who may feel some sort of void:

“We like to say that we don’t get to choose our parents, that they were given by chance – yet we can truly choose whose children we’d like to be.”

  • SENECA, On the Brevity of Life

We can choose who we want as mentors, at any point in our life. Perhaps we can allow our brain to take an itty-bitty break from feeling the loss, grief or victimization and lean into the wisdom around us.

Who else can serve to help along your journey?

Neighbors, co-workers, church members, those in our community can serve in a mentorship capacity, whether they know it or not.

We can even seek out literature available at our local Festus, MO Public Library to read about those who have documented their knowledge, insight and experience.

Regardless of your parent status, I invite you to choose who you would like to follow.

Happy Father’s Day to my father and all the other devoted fathers who work so hard. I respect and honor you.

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