Coffee Maker Clean Out

Coffee Maker Clean Out

The other morning I woke up feeling tired, heavy, and achy. As I forced my eyes open, I thanked myself for setting my programmable coffee maker the night before. While trying to reverse my negative attitude while getting ready in my bedroom, I was visualizing sipping on a hot mug of hazelnut coffee. Surely this would perk me up and give me the itty-bitty pep-in-my-step that I needed.

When I walked into my kitchen, I was not greeted with the normal, sweet aroma of my hazelnut coffee brewing. As I turned on the light, I noticed there were only a few drops in the pot. The coffee maker was making weird chugging sounds. I said a few choice words to myself, or perhaps out loud, and thought, “Great! (insert sassy, sarcastic tone)…So THIS is the kind of lovely day I am going to have, huh!?!?” 

Within this agonizing moment, I did fully realize I may have an itty-bitty addiction to coffee, AND this was not the complete end of the world.

While my realization of my caffeine addiction did not help my frantic and irritated brain, the fact that I COULD choose a new way to operate did calm me down.

Obviously the coffee maker was needing a clean-out to operate and function.

Perhaps I did, as well.

As I was running several vinegar cleaning cycles through the machine, I frantically looked for my travel instant coffee. As I was sipping on that, waiting for the clean out, I focused on my breath and starting over within each moment. Literally within each breath.

As the water dripped slowly, I tried to mimic my breathing to the water dripping down. As the coffee maker was clearing out, I could feel a clear out of my anxiety and frustration. 

For me, the more I try to grasp and gain control of the moments outside of my control, the more anxious I become. To neutralize my emotions, I try to release and allow my breath to help cleanse me. 

Perhaps we are like coffee makers from time to time?

Perhaps, like the coffee maker, we take ourselves: our mind, body, and/or soul for granted?

We work and work and work. 

We slowly, naturally create build ups, blocks, and toxic clogs within our system that prohibit us from properly flowing and working in the way we could. 

Perhaps my coffee maker and I woke up in a parallel fashion, clogged up, not functioning?

Perhaps we each needed time and energy to clean out and become clear?

This is a non-paid endorsement, inviting you to be aware of when you might be clogged, blocked, or grasping.

Is there anything you can do to clean and clear things out of your system?






When we can take the time to be intentional to create the space to clean and clear out, we can flow as we were/are meant to.

Wishing you moments of intention to clean and clear out any blocks in order to flow in the way you were created.

With all of this, I did express my gratitude to my coffee maker for allowing me to have this reframing perspective, inviting me to clear out some mental and emotional space to flow in a more positive way.

I would love for you to express any of your insights, and/or what helps you within these moment, in the comments on social media. We are all so grateful for how you connect. 

Thank you for supporting our collective emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

Here is a great local place to get some coffee…to drink there, or take some coffee beans to go!

On the Grind Coffee Company in Crystal City, MO


Learn about a lovely local woman who can help clean and clear your home:

Heather Gerner, Helping Give Time Back

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