Cutting the Net of Nerves with Networking

HTA meeting in Festus, MO

Regardless if you are new to living in an area (like me), or new to a role, or position, or identity, you likely know that connections are key. 

Many of us know relationships are beneficial; however, when it comes to meeting new people to establish those relationships…a.k.a. “networking”…many of us are met with a net of nerves.

It is like all that nervous, negative chatter becomes so loud, it hijacks the positive possibility of what that new relationship could be like in our lives.

If you relate with any of this, what if you cut that net of nerves to focus less on what you will do, say, or think and simply show up with curiosity to learn?

Here are some things I say to myself before I walk into a room to network, or even before I have a meeting with someone new:

→ I release all of my subconscious and conscious agendas and assumptions of what I think they may want/need from me. 

→ I am sincerely interested in learning about their beliefs, their purpose, and their mission.

→ I am genuinely open and curious as to how I can help and serve them/their mission. 

→ I believe thought-provoking questions help to create deep, meaningful conversations. 

Releasing our own agendas to capture a net of positive learning moments within real conversations are the starting point to create deep and meaningful relationships. 

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to cut that net of nerves and simply show up with curiosity to learn. It really IS that liberating.

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What itty-bitty affirmations or mantras ease your nerves before showing up or meeting someone new?

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Your shares are so helpful to all of us who want to authentically connect and support one another.

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