Dawn Peery, Precise in the Details 

Dawn Peery at The Corner Cup Micro Bakery in Festus, MO

The impressive thing about humanity is how varied each of us are within our skills, talents, abilities, and personality types. All humans are created differently. Whether you identify as someone who is spontaneous and adventurous, direct and precise, slow and steady, or one who is a mixture of all of these “types”…there is space for all of us. We all have such unique traits that help ourselves, and others. Regardless of your natural or learned identity, it is always beneficial to have someone who is detail-oriented in our life.

Dawn Peery is one of those detail oriented, precise planners, who handles all the itty-bitty aspects of what matters. She is known for her consideration of the detailed components that make up human connections, within her personal and entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as in her humanitarian efforts. 

When speaking about the details of her involvement with many people and initiatives, this Festus, Missouri native lit up and gushed with immense pride for this community. While some friends and family have moved away, she is intentional to stay connected with the many people she loves. This includes staying in touch with the same friends she has had since kindergarten! Dawn carried me back in time and spoke about the years growing up in the Festus area, and how much has changed. She is watching the rapid growth within our Festus community.

When taking a stroll down memory lane and reminiscing of the Festus/Crystal City area, Dawn talked about meeting her husband, Bob, at the current Pizza Hut, which used to be McDonald’s. Here, she and her teenage friends would hang out and “cruise” that area. She and Bob have now been married for 47 years and recently celebrated with a trip to Jamaica.

Dawn and Bob raised five children here and are now involved with their 13 grandchildren. In addition to family, Dawn has cultivated thousands of connections over the years. Many of Dawn’s connections were started from her father, who owned several businesses throughout his life in the Festus area. This is likely how/why Dawn developed her drive as an entrepreneur, always cognizant of the details needed to help people when offering solutions. 

Dawn enjoys helping people find solutions and takes care of all the details of traveling. She is a travel consultant with Expedia Cruises. Despite the name, her role within this company is not limited to helping people with just cruises. Dawn assists people in coordinating all the details of trips and memorable experiences that involve Amtrak, rentals, Air B&Bs, VRBO, all inclusive resorts, hotels, flights, and more. Unlike taking the time to do this yourself, or using some sort of online travel website, Dawn works for you…before, during, and after your trip to ensure all the details are set so you can focus on your reasons for traveling. Additionally, unlike using an online/virtual travel assistant, Dawn is with you, as a live person, the whole way.

Shockingly, there is no charge to the travelers Dawn helps. She is compensated by the companies and airlines who she works with. Dawn helps people save money to get them the best rates, and is often able to score discounts for groups. Dawn encourages people to make a plan so they can reserve a trip to lock in a sweet rate, and/or make small payments before a trip. 

Dawn also lit up when expressing her enthusiasm for group gatherings. She adores helping people to get together and have meaningful moments with one another. She has recognized that this is often done through food, which all aligns with her additional business, Tastefully Simple.  Tastefully Simple provides delicious and easy-to-use non-perishable spices and ingredients for people to conveniently use for themselves, or when hosting parties.

This allows people to cook and create flavorful and impressive appetizers, drinks, meals, and desserts, with less time in the kitchen so there is more time to connect. These products make the perfect gift for those who value convenience, connection, and delicious food. People can earn free products by hosting catalog parties. There are also many products like insulated cooler bags, can koozies, food canopies, and more. So many options to consider as you plan out and schedule the details of your holiday gifts and parties. 

Dawn recently helped to coordinate a fun Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo breast cancer fundraiser event held at the Festus VFW. Dawn also sold T-shirts for proceeds to benefit a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor. The event proceeds will be staying right here in the state of Missouri, through Gateway to Hope-Maplewood. 

Dawn is always thrilled when new people reach out to her to connect in any way, via phone, text message, and/or through social media. She loves learning about all the details of all people and connecting with each person’s distinct personality type. 

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to allow Dawn to help with the details to simplify your life, whether it is with your schedule and travel plans, group gatherings and gifts; and/or to connect with anything that resonated with you as you read this.

Cheers to all of our brave, local entrepreneurs who authentically show up to manage so many details each day. Each person is intentional with how their specific personality-type, and talents, can benefit our community. When each of us can plan the details of our day, within how we show up to spend our time and money to explore, shop and support our local entrepreneurs and establishments, it is beneficial for all of us.

Dawn Williams Peery



A long time ago, Dawn’s father used to work in this building in Crystal City:

Iguanas Mexican Grill Stands Out in Crystal City, MO 

Dawn and I connected, laughing and crying at the comforting:

The Corner Cup Micro Bakery in Festus, MO

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