Decide To Be Healthy With Help From Daily Flavors

My kids and I on Festus Main Street in 2023.

At the end of 2023, I shined the light on an incredibly talented local Music Therapist, Anne Gegg, with , sharing pictures of where we met for our conversation. Anne and I connected at Daily Flavors – Festus on our historic and charming Festus Main Street. 

Many have since asked/inquired about this newer establishment! 

Perhaps many of us have decided we want to be healthier in 2024?

I wanted to share some of my past pictures of my healthy decisions from Daily Flavors + invite you to read my previous write-up from when Daily Flavors opened last year. This year, I encourage you to stop in to learn about their many NEW offerings. 

The Daily Flavors team can help you make healthy decisions in 2024. In addition to offering amazing, healthy products, beverages, food, and meals to dine in or carry out, they also offer meal prepping! Allowing this talented team to plan, cook, and package your meals is a lifesaver to help you, and your family, eat healthier and have more time together. The menu options change, so you always have something fresh and delicious, healthy and fulfilling. 

Daily Flavors owner, Ashlee Mattingly, is a compassionate and creative visionary, constantly listening to customer requests, and serving our community with a healthy dose of love, making it easy to decide to be healthy.

This is another itty-bitty, non-paid endorsement, supporting all aspects of your mental, emotional, physical, and social health and wellbeing. 

​​Daily Flavors – Festus recently posted:

“Have you had a chance to take a look at the new menu?

There have been lots of updates and new items

Our baked items are not listed because they are changing.

Remember you can always order online, by DoorDash, or call ahead 636-543-0223.”

Daily Flavors

34 E. Main Street Festus, MO



Learn more about Daily Flavors and a couple interviews with local celebrities held there:

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