You Are Invited To


People are craving connection and community.

They want more “behind the scenes” stories.

They want to KNOW YOU!


WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and HOW you help people.


With your ideal clients....people who live in, and visit, OurFESTUS area.


Yourself, your team, and our positive, thriving community.

Most organizations Struggle to Share, Connect, and Support because…

  • They have not been asked to share their story.


  • They have followed traditional marketing which only allows surface level visibility.


  • They have not had a place or platform to really communicate what makes them different.
  • They do not know how to reach their ideal clients.


  • They have struggled to stand out, not knowing what to say.


  • They do not know where to begin to create an online presence.

The time is NOW for you to share your story.

When you share your story on the NEW “Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide,” you have the opportunity to SHARE your core message to CONNECT and attract who you serve as your SUPPORT your mission, and our community.

How to Share Your Story:


a plan that works best for you and pay to reserve your space.


your story by filling out a convenient electronic form that has all the prompts and questions to help you be visible and memorable.


the form and your images and allow people to see you, find you, and support you.

Your Story on the Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide Includes:

✔️Your own custom, individual private page on

✔️Your custom headline

✔️Your photo

✔️Your logo

✔️Your story about you, your solutions, your values, etc.

✔️Your contact information

✔️Your live links to your website/social media channels

✔️As Featured on logo for your marketing.





✔️Google Plus

✔️X (formally known as Twitter)


👋Oh, hello there!

🙋🏼‍♀️My name is Sara and I created, an energetic, positive, and vibrant local online resource for our amazing community.✨

THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule to learn more. This is an exclusive, invitation-only page created for YOU, our local Festus-area entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofit leaders.🙌

Over the last few years… 

I have found residents, businesses, and nonprofits are struggling with the same problem! 😑 There is currently a disconnect.

People need a better way to share and find information. 😔 

Residents and visitors are craving…

information about local businesses…

who to call, where to go, what to do… 🤷🏻‍♂️


they lack a convenient local resource to research the solutions to their problems. 🤔


Festus area businesses and nonprofit organizations…

HAVE their solutions!!! 🤗


…As you are reading this, are you perking up, getting excited because 

YOU offer really incredible, valuable products and services


are READY to help!?😍

…YET…Are you also craving…

the ideal place to SHARE information about 

YOUR really incredible, valuable products and services???  🤷🏽‍♀️


👆THIS is the common community problem shared by residents, businesses, and nonprofits around here.👎

There is currently no unbiased, local, engaging online platform for leaders to present their solutions WHERE residents WANT to find them within our community. 😬😣😕



YESSSS… is a local, unbiased, engaging,

positive, energizing, optimistic, organized

(I really could go on…)

online platform that


has the SPACE 

to allow businesses and nonprofit organizations to 

SHARE the SOLUTIONS they OFFER with OurFESTUS-area community!💪🏻


Let’s allow people to find you and work with you. 🤝

Local residents and visitors are drawn to this website because it invites people to learn who is behind the scenes of an organization, while allowing them to experience a story. 📖

Stories have the power to evoke emotions as they resonate with the reader.

We are all inquisitive and curious humans who simply love a good tale

about a hero and how they solve problems.💛

You are Invited to share the solutions you offer by sharing YOUR STORY on:

The people featured within the stories on are organically and authentically positioned as local heroes, helpful guides, and approachable leaders READY to solve problems… because… THEY GENUINELY ARE.💁🏼‍♀️

I believe YOU are, too.✨ 

…hence you are reading this private, exclusive, invitation-only page and opportunity…

OurFESTUS-area community is growing at a rapid pace NOW.

Residents and visitors are eager to learn WHO can help them

NOW. 🤓

Are you READY to participate!?🙋🏼

Your story/solution can be LIVE on

within 3️⃣ itty-bitty, easy steps

designed to create a ✨BIG IMPACT for YOU to 


local hero, helpful guide, and approachable leader 


…READY to solve problems!🙌

1️⃣ PICK YOUR PLAN to save your space. 

2️⃣ SHARE YOUR STORY on a convenient electronic form. This will have all the questions and prompts ready for you to easily communicate.

3️⃣ SUBMIT your form and pictures.

The more we all share, connect, and support each other… the more people will have access to the solutions they need.

People in OurFESTUS area are just like you and me, they want to support our local business owners and help nonprofit organizations. 💙

Let’s allow people to find you, and work with you. 🤝

No one wants to feel disconnected.

I would hate for someone to miss out on what they need simply because they are unaware of who you are, what you offer, or how to find you.☹️

I believe in you and the solution you offer. 🤗

by simply checking out now to lock in your space at this early-access price. 

From there, we will have FUN working together to 

SHARE YOUR story, inviting people to 


as we all SUPPORT each other.❤️

By sharing your story, you invite people to experience your solutions,

which connects and supports our entire community. 🤝

Positive results and magical miracles are inevitable but not guaranteed.🌟

Your participation honors the positive initiative to cultivate a

connected community that genuinely supports each other. 🌳 

is an innovative and creative space for people to conveniently share, connect, and support one another within OurFESTUS-area community.

How We Are Connecting People & Creating Community One Story At A Time: Feedback

Learn Who Is Connecting People & Creating Community One Story At A Time:

Who created this?

👋Oh, hello there!

Meet Sara

Creator/Founder of

I have spent my whole life working in small businesses and being a new kid on the block. 

I started working for my father’s home-remodeling company in Platteville, Wisconsin when I was in 5th grade. Since then, I lived all in different places in Wisconsin and Minnesota, always working in some aspect of small business operations and communications. 

Wanting to settle down and grow roots in Festus, Missouri, I have made it my mission to help OurFESTUS community by sharing stories that shine the light on people and places to explore. I am SOO incredibly proud and honored to do my part to connect people and create community, one story at a time.

By spreading positive and optimistic energy, I hope to inspire authenticity, inviting everyone to feel they belong here, at home, within their own mind, body, and soul.

I believe in the power and leadership of our brave, visionary entrepreneurs who are setting the tone for the culture and community we are cultivating around here.

Meet Ryan

Technical Talent behind

Ryan also started working within our father’s home-remodeling business at a young age. His artistic expression of drawing and design paired well with his obsession with technology to creatively help small businesses with websites, graphic design, and marketing since he was a teenager. His impressive talents allow businesses to build their authentic brand, making them stand out. His attention to detail is pixel-perfect, always enhancing visibility and traffic. 

✨Sara and Ryan work hand-in-hand to support OurFESTUS-area community. ✨

Perhaps You are wondering about?

How is the Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide different than the current stories that live on

All of the current stories living within the website were written from the lens and perspective of Sara, the Creator of While she is awesome (the one writing this now!)…and has earned the trust and respect within our community, she is only one person. 

There is a need for an increased quantity of spotlight stories with varied perspectives. 

By opening up the Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide to include the stories of the many impressive people who create our community…the leaders, the business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, non-profit chairs…this will showcase the diverse culture that lives in OurFESTUS community.

The website will have a clean and clear division of “Sara’s Stories” and the Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide. All pages/stories will be divided by industry/desired category. is:

Your convenient and ROBUST resource for exploring and experiencing OurFESTUS-area community, with an itty-bitty dose of encouragement.

I’m in! Let's DO THIS! What’s the next step?

Yea!! We are excited to partner with you. Simply click on any of the black and yellow “sign up/join in” buttons. From there, select what space plan works for you and  pay for your space with a credit or debit card. 

If you would prefer to pay via cash, check or would like to propose a barter of services, please email:

After payment is made, you will receive a paid invoice and an email with “Next Steps.”

You will be sent a convenient, electronic form/template with all the questions you need to easily create your story to communicate how you share, connect, and support. You will also be able to upload and send your photo and logo electronically, right through the form.

If you are looking for custom graphic design for an image/logo, or a professional photographer just let us know!

There is no timeframe to complete this.

Once we receive your information, we will review everything. 

If all looks good, your story and images will be added onto your own custom web page within the website.

How soon will my information be “live” to the public?

Once we receive your information and images, you will be added onto the website within six business days. 


You are now a SHINING, FEATURED MyFESTUS Friend a.k.a. A STAR 🤩on

We will send you your personal, custom website link for you to use and share with others.


Your link and image will be PROMOTED on ALL the participating MyFESTUS social media channels

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • X (formally known as Twitter)

😲🤩😁You are able to share from here to gain even more attention and momentum.✨

How is my space placement and price locked in? How does pricing work?

The easiest and most convenient way to lock in your investment, and save money, is to pay once for a 12-month period. 

Month-to-month pricing is available, but is subject to change.

MyFESTUS Friends will have access to their own client portal to view their payments, invoices, and make changes to their payment information/plan.

What if I need to make changes to my story/information?

No problem.


Communication is key.

Simply email what changes you would like to make to

Changes can be made within six business days.

How will you determine the order for stories within the Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide?

All stories within the Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide will be divided by desired category. 

Stories within the categories will be in random order and will shuffle out/change with site refreshing.

How does the Refer-a-MyFESTUS-Friend Referral Reward program work?

We believe in the power of trusted referrals and having a strong network!

If you feel another person or establishment would be a good fit to add to the Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide, simply let us know! WHOO HOO!

CLICK HERE for ALL the details on how you can easily, conveniently, electronically send us their information. We would love to reach out to them to share this opportunity.

If the person signs up to become an official “MyFESTUS Friend” (to become visible on, you will receive a one month space credit on your account for EACH referral. WIN-WIN!

Credit is added after three months of your referral’s purchase.

There are UNLIMITED referral rewards!

How can I support a local nonprofit organization?

Nonprofits ROCK!

To honor all they do, nonprofits organizations will receive 50% off!

People and businesses can help in a BIG way to sponsor their placement to shine the light on what it is they do. This is a fantastic way to show your support and spread the good word.

Your name/business will also be featured on THEIR page and YOUR page…what a win-win!

This is a tax-deductible purchase.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We want you to be 100% confident and proud of your representation on

You are protected with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

There is literally no risk involved.

If, at any point, you are not feeling aligned with the value, we can remove your content/information from the website.

There are no hidden fees, contracts, pressure to work together. 

We want you to feel excited about your investment and enthusiastic about the belief in the power of this platform to help connect residents and visitors to you and your business.

You are NOT buying “ad space,” you are investing in yourself and the opportunity to share your story to build awareness and an attraction/invitation to explore WHO you are and what you have to offer.

You are investing in the opportunity for people to experience you.

YOUR Story Told.

Allow people to learn about you on a deeper level to, not just know you and like you, but to understand you...and TRUST you...and LOVE you.

This is the right time for you if you are:

✅  Ready to be more VISIBLE in our community to be recognized for who you are, and what you do, and what solutions you offer? 

✅ Ready to SHARE your story to allow people to REALLY see, and understand YOU, and your beliefs (as a person or business)?

✅ Ready to catapult your online presence to multiply your exposure so you can CONNECT with your ideal customer, who is attracted to you.

Join in on the mission to cultivate the positive, energetic community we are creating, one that SUPPORTS our local people and places, embracing each authentic, individual story. 

Proudly Connecting People & Creating Community One Story At A Time.