Favorite Fun Facts and Fhotos at Forty, For Now

Sara, Creator of MyFestus.com

When I am with my children in the car, or as we are eating together, we often inquire and talk about our “favorites.” It is fun for each of us to reflect and share what makes us unique and different, as well as what commonalities we have to connect on. 

I’m the baby!…here with my brother, Ryan, in Platteville, WI in 1984.

Sometimes we ask super thought-provoking questions and sometimes we just review or update our answers to classic questions. We always say we can make changes to our answers, we are always making itty-bitty adjustments to who we are/our identity. 

I believe we can solidify our identity as we deepen our connections, when we are courageous to vulnerably share with others. 

My “Little Grandma” and I at her home on “the farm” in Gilmanton, WI in 1989.

As I am turning Forty this week, here are a Few of my Favorite Fun Facts and Fhotos (come on, you know I had to use an “F” for this!) about me, For now, within this Fortieth year of my life:

My Favorite Fun Facts at Forty, For Now:

Ryan and I always had fun in the winter. Here we are at our grandparents “farm” in 1990.

Birthplace: Wabasha, Minnesota

Childhood place: Platteville, Wisconsin

Archery at the “farm” in 1993.

Movie: “Sound of Music”

Home Hobby: playing the piano or any crafts with watercolors or a glue gun

I started playing the piano at age five. Here I am, again at grandparents in 1995.

Active Hobby: thrift shopping

Drink: hot hazelnut coffee with almond milk

Sign: pisces

Always learning and practicing at my grandparents. I learned about gun safety and education at a very early age. Here I am in 1997.

Desired Superpower: to swim underwater/explore the sea

Celebrity to have lunch with: Gweneth Paltrow

Scent: vanilla bean 

My confirmation in Platteville, WI with both sets of my incredible grandparents in 1998.

Game: Connect Four

Quote: “The truth, in time, tells all.”

Reading an essay I wrote to my local VFW chapter in Platteville, WI in 2002.
My “Little Grandma” at my home in Rochester, Minnesota in 2006. Also pictured, my past pooches: Layla, Preston, and Hannah.
Spending time with my parents and “Little Grandma” in Platteville, WI in 2012. Check out my daughter, Audrey, when she was itty-bitty!
Oh how Audrey has grown. Here we are, with Dayton, on Festus Main Street in 2023.
My kiddos, Dayton and Audrey, and I wrapping up 2023 at my parents’ home in Mequon, WI.

Song: “Say” by John Mayer (also my 2024 theme song!)

2024 Theme: Believe

My Belief at 40: We all have a story. We all have the ability to revise or create our life’s story, one itty-bitty thought and action at a time. 

Visiting/spending time with my family at the start of 2024 in Rochester, MN.

My Mission at 40: To help all of us feel “at home” with a genuine sense of belonging within their mind, body, and soul. I am intentional to share, connect, and support my beliefs and mission to help cultivate this loving and creative culture within our Festus-area community.

Audrey and Dayton and I in our newer “hometown” of Festus, MN in early 2024.

This is a non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to have fun with simple, or thought-provoking, questions about “favorite facts” with yourself and with others. 

I invite you to be open to change your answers. 

Your beliefs, missions, and truths can evolve, just like you and your identity. 

This is *almost* forty! 2024

As always, I encourage you to share vulnerably in order to connect and support yourself, and others.

Please comment on social media if we share any of the same (or opposite!) favorite facts. Let’s have fun with this!

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