Feeling into Freedom

Festus, MO Elementary School

The Fourth of July, as well as the holiday week/weekend, can conquer up an assortment of feelings, emotions, and energy.

Perhaps we feel productive, relaxed, social, alone, grateful, or grief. Maybe we experience a combination of these reactions.

Today, and throughout this holiday week/weekend, I invite you to take an itty-bitty moment to just feel into our freedom.

Be still to pause from the consumption of tasks. If you are able to, step outside to experience how your senses react to nature.

Listen to the sounds of the birds, the feel of the sun’s temperature, and the cool evening breeze.

Take in sights of moving creatures and growing plants. Savor these sweet activations and feel into the freedom in your life.

Relish in the goodness, with appreciation, for where we live and the liberation available to us.

May we all experience the glory in our world, taking a break to comprehend the sacrifice so many have made, and continue to make, to ensure we can live in a community and environment that has the ability to nourish our souls.

Thank you to all who create our freedom for the betterment of each of us. Happy Independence Day 2024.

Thank you for sharing this link to help create a free-feeling community.

Photos are of flags around Festus, MO.

Learn more about a fun Festus establishment, founded by four veterans:

A First Date-Feeling at Four Brothers Mead in Festus

Sometimes if we let go, we can feel more free:

Letting Go to Get


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