Festus Intermediate Honor Choir Sings the National Anthem at the St. Louis Cardinals Game

Audrey at the 4/15/23 Cardinal Game

Congratulations to the talented 5th & 6th Grade Festus Intermediate Honor Choir students, and Mr. Rhine, who sang a noteworthy National Anthem at the St. Louis Cardinals game yesterday.

The Honor Choir students beamed with pride on the baseball field as they confidently sang their itty-bitty hearts out. In addition to being proud of each brave singer, I am proud of our outstanding Festus School District. After such extraordinary events like this, I am even more grateful for all of the teachers, parents and community members who help extracurricular programs like Honor Choir be fun and engaging while having the power to organically educate young minds about essential life lessons such as structure, team work, goals, dedication, progress, courage and values.

A special thank you goes out to Mr. Rhine for being such an inspirational leader to so many.

Our family had a blast at the game yesterday! It was my son’s first Cardinals game. It was comforting and entertaining to sit and interact with other Festus families. Fans and players lucked out to have the outdoor game in a pocket of warm and sunny weather, amidst the heavy rain on the drive into St. Louis, and with damaging storms as we returned home in Festus, MO. Sending positive energy out to all those who were negatively affected by the storm.

I wrote a little bit about Mr. Rhine before the 2022 Honor Choir Christmas Concert on 12/14/22:


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