Summer School is Cool, Like For Real, FOR REAL!

Festus Summer School is Cool

It is that exciting time of year, full of hope and energy for a summer ahead.

My kiddos are pumped for another month of summer school in Festus. Like, for real, FOR REAL (FR, FR…is that what the kids are saying now!?…haha…now I’m trying to be that cool mom!)

In all honesty, though, my kids have had a blast with their past experiences with the Festus Summer Academy.

Taking place each summer for just one month,  my daughter and son have both LOVED every itty-bitty second of this different kind of “school.”

Not just for children who need more academic help, Festus offers what we would consider more of a “summer camp” feel, full of amusing explorations, open to all children in the district.

My kids have reported that there is an entertaining, yet relaxed, energy.

They say there is, “more freedom and adventures.” Each grade has unique and creative hands-on activities, challenges, field trips, and more.

This is a non-paid endorsement, proud to promote the education and opportunities available within OurFESTUS community!

Thank you for helping to share and spread the word!

Here are the details for for my kids’ ages: incoming 5th-8th graders:


May 30th – June 27th, 2024

For incoming 5th-8th graders:

8:10 AM – 3:25 PM @ Festus High School

Daily Activities

  • Morning S.T.E.A.M
  • Challenges
  • Core area learning
  • Concessions, and prizes!!

Field Trips

  • Bowling at Quonset Lanes!!
  • Movie at Festus B&B!!

Explo Classes

  • Kitchen Science
  • Team Play
  • Fitness Frenzy
  • Archery
  • History of Gaming, and many more!!


Enjoy all the  super cool school throwback pics!

Per the Festus R-VI School District:

Parents, this is just a reminder that summer school registration is open.  All classes except virtual health and virtual PE at the high school are open. 

Students who require bus transportation must be signed up by Thursday, May 23. 

You can get more information and register you child for summer school at the link below:


Festus R-VI School District

The Festus School District is so impressive. More appreciation:

Festus School Bus Driver/Bus Garage Appreciation

Shout Out to the Festus Youth Soccer Camp

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