A First Date-Feeling at Four Brothers Mead in Festus

Four Brothers Mead in Festus, MO

“Four Brothers Mead produces a Viking Era Honeywine (Mead) created by four Veterans from Missouri.”

They recently hosted their 3rd Annual Pirate Party on July 13th.

People dressed in their best pirate and viking attire, sang sea shanties by Totally Lost and 3 Pints Gone, drank mead, and has some pirate-themed fun! 

Image from Four Brothers Mead

Check out an earlier story when I wrote about “A First Date-Feeling at Four Brothers Mead in Festus:”I woke up with that giddy feeling this morning…like the day-after a really engaging, exciting, first date. That feeling where you’re reflecting on how it all went while looking forward to your next time together!

I was not on an actual first date last night, but it was the first time I experienced Four Brothers Mead at 124 E. Main Street in Festus, MO.

After a satisfying dinner at Main & Mill Brewing Company, we strolled down in the picturesque Festus Main Street, currently lit up with blue snowflakes on the tall street light poles. We walked slow to admire each Main Street storefront as businesses and local artists have holiday-themed painted windows, colorful lights and Christmas decorations.

We were welcomed into Four Brothers Mead by the sound of musician John Littlefield, singing a spot-on “Tennessee Whiskey” (by Chris Stapleton). Despite only having the time to view the end of his set, we were drawn into John’s voice and vibe as he sang other known cover hits. For his final songs, all of us watching were singing in unison. It was so fun! Well done, Mr. Littlefield… I cannot wait to enjoy your entire set another time. SingerdudeSTL.comFour Brothers Mead is not your typical bar. They have narrowed in on their niche product, and they deliver! Besides beer (and non-alcoholic soda and water), they only serve their specialized, hand-crafted mead. As detailed on a chalkboard above their bar, “Mead is a honeywine. The oldest form of alcohol known to mankind.” It was kind of like a concentrated wine mixed with a weak moonshine for a smooth and flavorful drink.To experience six of their popular flavors (all at 16% alc. by vol.), one can purchase a flight for $16 to taste. The “Ironside Reign” (mixed with Blackberry) was the favorite last night. Four Brothers Mead also offers their meads bottled – which is an ideal holiday gift, perfect for a beer or wine connoisseur…whether they are new to mead or already familiar with it.

I loved the energy and environment within the Four Brothers Mead space. The silver-colored tin ceiling tiles, next to the exposed red brick walls and many vibrant wood accents paired well with the numerous Viking weapons and shields hung up. I was a little obsessed with the itty-bitty details of the actual bar top holding the drinks where we sat: live edge wood split log slabs, set in a cool-colored teal sparkly metallic epoxy.
Our American flag was proudly hung by their front bar, as were other patriotic symbols of military branches. If the tasty mead, rustic decor, lively entertainment and friendly service were not enough, learning about the Four Brothers Mead co-founders’ veteran history sealed the deal with my impressed-meter. You can learn more about their story and perseverance to connect Congress to help other veteran-owned businesses to thrive and succeed on their website.

With most men in my family having served in many of the military branches (my brother, grandfather and great uncles in the Army, my father in the Air Force, my other grandfather in the Navy), I have a deep respect for all those have, and continue, to serve our country and protect our people.

Having also been raised in, and work in, small businesses my whole life, I am passionate about supporting local businesses. I am thrilled to live in Festus, a community who shares these same values.

This is another non-paid endorsement of Festus, our charming Main Street, Main & Mill Brewing Company, John Littlefield, and the Four Brothers Mead product and location. I want to acknowledge and praise all of their hard work to help bring joy to so many. Thank you, all. I strongly encourage you to have a “first date experience” with any of them. You may just get that giddy feeling thereafter.

Originally written on 12/11/22 by Sara, Storyteller and Creator of MyFestus.com

Learn more:

Four Brothers Mead

124 E Main Street

Festus, MO 63028  

(636) 638-1170

Four Brothers Mead Website

Kater Me, LLC

John Jarrett Music

 Main & Mill Brewing Company

Move Your Meal Outside & Enjoy LIVE Music at Main & Mill

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