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“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller     Did you know that when we smile…when we intentionally curve the

Break Out of a Boxed In Escape Room

A Brilliant Business: Boxed In Escape Rooms: MTV…the “Music” television network influenced the lives of at least three generations of teenagers and young adults. Most

 Four-Flavor Flight Fun 

Why choose one flavor of ice cream when you have full permission to choose FOUR flavors!?! That’s right…ice cream flights (among other amazing drinks, food,

Tanglefoot Creamery ANNOUNCED NEW OWNERS!

NEW OWNERS FOR TANGLEFOOT CREAMERY ANNOUNCED! Yeeeaaaahhhh! How exciting that this business will continue on! May OurFESTUS-area community support these courageous and creative folks. Follow them

ABC’s of Festus Love

Our family completed this fun activity on a break from school and I wanted to share:While school is not in session, our family explored our