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Generational Curiosity

Ready or not, the holidays are here. Many of us are blessed with an opportunity to be around others to socially engage. Sometimes, we get

Fuel with Fun

There is always time to fit in fun, and fuel. Something fun that I have been doing with my children, for years, is to incorporate

Surprise Serendipity at Savannah’s

Within your busy, bustling schedule, do you leave space for serendipity? Do you leave margin for mini miracles to unfold within your day? Doing so

Fall in Love at LaChance Vineyards

LaChance Vineyards is THE destination in DeSoto, Missouri to relax, unwind, and fall in love with your life, and serenity. I believe in creating a

Indulge at Dairy Queen

As the sun shines and you feel the seasons shift, you can also feel a shift within your soul. It’s like, as the air freshens

SUPER Delicious Reviews

The “FOOD” category has been one of the most popular features on my website. Probably because we all like to eat!? And, because I have