A Local Leader Showing Up To Give Back With Car Shows

Andres, AJ, Santander, owner of Gnomes Detailing

I am continually impressed by courageous leaders who continue to step up, show up, and give back for the greater good of our community.

Andres, AJ, Santander, owner of Gnomes Detailing, is one of those impressive leaders.

In addition to always supporting all our local people and places, he is also dedicating his time and energy into FUN and entertaining events to connect people and create community.

AJ is showing up to host car shows, hoping others will also show up, as well. Event proceeds are being donated to local nonprofit organizations. IMPRESSIVE!

Check out the links below for information on these upcoming events and continue reading to learn more about how AJ “Dials in on Acts of Service:”

P.S. AJ is offering 15% off any full service auto detailing for Mother’s Day, from now until 5/12/2024.

My background is in human resources and organizational development. I was always so curious to learn what was important to employees so I could do my best to keep “the good ones” happy and fulfilled. I wanted to express my admiration to them, and for their hard work, to ensure they knew, and felt, how extremely valuable they were to the organization. Contrary to popular belief, money and financial incentives are not the only way employees feel they are loved and appreciated.

Having learned so much in my personal life from the teachings of Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, I would often inquire with my professional team on how they perceived, received, and expressed love. When we take time out to explore more about how people feel loved and gratified, it can be transformative. 

Andres, AJ, Santander, owner of Gnomes Detailing has witnessed the transformation of relationships with the power of providing his professional services. What he offers with his mobile auto detailing company in Jefferson County goes beyond the transformation of incredible cleanliness and protection for vehicles of all kinds. 

While he works with a variety of residential and commercial vehicles (with sizes ranging from itty-bitty to big), he has found a unique niche in helping businesses show their employees appreciation in a way that satisfies the “Acts of Service” love language.

AJ loves helping to build relationships between business owners and their employees. As an impressive and affordable employee benefit, he sets up a schedule to clean out employee vehicles in an organization’s parking lot, while the employee is working. They are delighted and excited at the end of the day, while feeling grateful for AJ’s talents, and that their employer values their time and personal life. When people can feel this kind of love from their company, as well as enjoy the cleanliness within their traveling environment, they are able to return the love and appreciation, on a personal and professional basis. AJ hopes to help give people more time back so they can focus on other love languages, such as “Quality Time.” 

This time of year, AJ is scheduling a lot of cleaning and winterizing of RVs, side-by-side‘s, campers, and boats so there is no quality time wasted when it is go-time in 2024. 

Individuals and businesses can reserve their personal or employee sessions for 2023 and 2024 on his handy website. Here, people can also learn more about his services, receive a detailed estimate, and schedule a specific session, conveniently from their smartphone.

AJ understands how many people prefer text communication. He has set this all up. If “Words of Affirmation” are your thing, AJ prides himself on providing communication at every step of the way, starting with the confirmation of scheduling, when he is en route, when a vehicle is completed, and when a payment is made. AJ also takes time to ask for honest reviews and is always striving to ensure his services are aligned with the expectations of others.

This attention to detail really sets this professional detailer apart. 

AJ is a professional, one-man show, extremely proud of his positive, dependable, and trustworthy reputation. AJ beamed with enthusiasm about his love for helping local residents and businesses. He also lit up talking about how much he loves to help give back by being involved with nonprofit organizations. While he supports many, he referenced the incredible initiatives within the efforts of Second Hand Heros, Kade’s Playground, and Ozark Food Pantry.

This type of compassionate community involvement, while providing a unique service that fulfills so many needs is the epitome of a courageous entrepreneur. AJ is just that. He has bravely stepped up, shows up in an authentic way, and shares his acts of service to spread love within our world. This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to learn more about AJ and the ways he/Gnomes Detailing can help you express and receive love in a clean way.

Gnome’s Detailing

Mobile Detailer ~ Ceramic Coatings, Paint Correction, Headlight Restoration, Interior & Exterior Detail.





We talked while we sipped on lovely, sweet cold drinks at:

The Corner Cup Micro Bakery in Festus, MO


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