Hatched Egg in Festus, MO

Today is the last day of school for many Festus students. Other local schools have already had their final day and so many are graduating this month.

It is a special timeframe of an ending and a beginning. When discovering some freshly cracked egg shells around my Festus, Missouri neighborhood, I have been reflecting on the similarities between the incubation of our souls within the capacity of a shell, like a school year, or perhaps even within a literal or figurative season of our life.

We learn and develop in itty-bitty ways within the confines of a safe and protected boundary. It is often difficult to even comprehend an evolution of change happening with such minuet changes from day to day. And then, like a blink of an eye, a soul is ready to hatch and break through that supportive shell. The time has come when one is ready to explore the next unknown adventure.

Congratulations to all the students, educators and anyone who is currently breaking out of their shell, opening themselves up to all that will be new. May you honor this last chapter, and the environment, that kept you safe and nurtured. May you celebrate your growth while holding an optimistic hope for your future. I wish you strength in your new identity as you hatch into this new life/chapter/season.

Within any transition, could it be time to welcome in a new thought or activity for growth?

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