How Can You Help the Mission?

Larry G. Crites/West City Park in Festus, MO

You can help this mission and our community by SPREADING THE WORD. Each individual, itty-bitty share makes a big impact.

Sometimes a team is needed to help accomplish a significant movement, such as in the revitalization and unity felt within a community. 

When multiple leaders link up to share, connect, and support an aligned vision, with a strong mission of positivity, WE can create real change. 

We can do more together than any of us can do alone. 

It will take a bigger reach, perhaps with grassroots effort to make the cultural shift of connection within the rapid growth of the Festus area.

Let’s be that united community who values authenticity and real relationships. 

Pictures taken at the Larry G. Crites/West City Park in Festus, MO.

Learn more about this picturesque park:

In the Flow at the Larry G. Crites Memorial Park/West City Park in Festus, MO



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