How Does Support OurFESTUS Area Community?

Festus, MO Mug encourages and supports people to enjoy all there is to explore and experience within OurFESTUS-area community.

We are on a mission to help people feel they belong “at home” within themselves, with others, and where they live.

To do this, we are actively, proudly CONNECTING PEOPLE and CREATING COMMUNITY, one story at a time.

We are currently working with creative, brave business owners and compassionate nonprofit organizations to create a robust “Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide” for residents and visitors to know more.

People have a lot to offer and share and curious souls are interested to learn!

People in our community want to SUPPORT each other. 

Bob Stegall, local celebrity and talented musician…and the nicest guy you will ever meet! is proud to CONNECT PEOPLE and CREATE COMMUNITY, one story at a time, on this convenient, organized, non-biased platform.

The Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide (currently in development) helps people and places to showcase and articulate:

  • WHAT they SHARE/offer our world, in their own unique way.
  • HOW they CONNECT with others. 
  • WHY they SUPPORT their clients/our community + how people can support them.

The Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide shines a light on OUR LOCAL PEOPLE with positive, entertaining, and thought-provoking stories, paired with photos for readers to learn more about OurFESTUS area on a deeper level.

Here is your personal, itty-bitty invitation to connect with us, here at, and with the countless, dedicated people who cultivate our thriving community.

If any of this resonates with you, you are invited to sign up for future communication, follow the journey on social media, bookmark this website, and/or share this link with a friend.

We are SUPER EXCITING about the future. Stay tuned!

May we all support one another. invites all to COME  for the CONVENIENCE and STAY for the CULTURE

Learn more about some of the other people and places on OurFESTUS Main Street:

Musician Spotlight on Bob Stegall

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Main & Mill Brewing Company on Our Charming & Historic Festus Main Street

A First Date-Feeling at Four Brothers Mead in Festus

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