I Feel Better When I Do The Itty-Bitty Thing

Beauty in walking

I feel better when I do the itty-bitty “thing.”

I do. 

Yet, I have to continually remind myself that I DO feel better when I create moments in my schedule to… 

…read the chapter, say the prayer, stretch, do the sit ups, pull the weeds, make the phone call, send the email, show up…etc.

I really do feel better when I DO what I need to do to make the itty-bitty deposits for the big payout in the long run.

It’s quite often, and quite likely, that I do not look forward to the thing, and not want to do the thing; but, when the thing is done, I DO feel better.

It may not feel useful, good, enjoyable, or easy at first, but if you invest your time, will it yield a future return of increased happiness?

Sometimes, consistent commitment is just what is needed for steady growth over time.

May you exhale and relax in knowing that you WILL reap the rewards if it matters to you. 

“An investment in knowledge always pays interest.”

  • Benjamin Franklin 

This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to find that itty-bitty thing to incorporate in your life to deposit now for your future fulfillment.

I love walking outside but sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Sometimes I just have to really push myself.

And then, I walk. 

And sometimes, I discover some beauty in nature that provides instant gratification. 

No waiting needed. 

What do you think you could discover if you just DID the itty-bitty thing?

Please share on social media…what is an itty-bitty thing that you may dread now…but you know, with your consistency, it will pay off? 

Transformation stories are so helpful to all of us. Stories help us to connect as we support our own growth and the growth of others.

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