Iguanas Mexican Grill Stands Out in Crystal City, MO 

Iguanas Mexican Grill in Crystal City, MO

Iguanas are a reptile creature known for their ability to adapt in environments. While the Mexican restaurant named Iguanas Mexican Grill in Crystal City, MO adapts/blends into other establishments along North Truman Boulevard, they stand out with their excellent food and service.

Wanting this summer to stand out with memorable moments, our family connected with other families for a dinner meet up. We were in search for an adult and kid-friendly place to relax, talk and eat some tasty food. One of the moms suggested Iguanas Mexican Grill. I was eager to go, as I had not been there before. We had a group of 10, so I was not sure if they could accommodate such a large group, as from the outside of the building, the restaurant looks pretty small. 

When I walked in, I was very surprised at how spacious the interior was. A large, full bar and friendly servers greet you as you enter. To the left of the bar, there are two big dining rooms with tables and booths. To the right of the bar, there is another dining room with wide windows to look out. There is also construction on that side as they are building an outdoor patio/seating area. This is so exciting! 

We were all excited when we had the front dining room all to ourselves. The adults sat at a separate table from our rambunctious kiddos, which delighted all of us! The servers were fun and friendly throughout our extended stay. It was in the itty-bitty moments of kindness when they offered to take pictures of our group and constantly refilled our chip baskets and salsa that stood out to me.

With such a large group, they were spot-on with all of our custom orders, many with substitutions. Our crew enjoyed margaritas, street tacos, salads, quesadillas, nachos, and more! For dessert, each child splurged on fried ice cream! This was a treat for them. The entire experience was a treat for me.

This is another non-paid endorsement, inviting you to treat yourself to dinner, drinks, and/or desserts from Iguanas Mexican Grill in Crystal City, MO. Helping small, locally-owned businesses adapt and thrive benefits all of us, and makes our community stand out.

Iguanas Mexican Grill

907 N Truman Blvd, Crystal City, MO 63019

(636) 638-2400


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