Interview with Festus Resident: Andy Held, a Leader Who Holds Space for All of Us

Andrew Held in Festus, MO

With the 9th Anniversary of the Tuesday Night Ride event, and many more fun upcoming events, I wanted to shine the light on someone you may see, or hear about, within our community.

Learn more about my time with OurFESTUS Resident: Andy Held, a Leader Who Holds Space for All of Us:

Feeling held is a powerful thing. When we are cradled by the energy of others, we feel safe and supported to show up exactly as who we are. Real leaders set this tone. They are strong pillars who provide encouragement, holding space for individuals to be confident in their uniqueness while welcoming collaboration.

I was elated to have an opportunity to connect with a man who is intentional with his efforts to ensure people feel held in our Festus-area community. I met with Festus native and resident, Andrew (Andy) Held, on our charming, historic Festus Main Street at The Corner Cup Micro Bakery. While I am still learning about the many leaders who grew up and still live here, I was aware that I was sharing coffee with someone who fit the description of, “the man, the myth, the legend.” Andy has worn many hats in his life and is known for his community involvement, leadership qualities and sense of humor, all while holding space for empowerment and connectivity.

Andy is a proud father, husband and a professional. He is a graduate of St. Pius X High School and studied at Missouri State University and Missouri Baptist University. His educational background is in the medical industry. He now serves as the Executive Director for the Mercy Health Foundation Jefferson. Andy is also actively involved in groups and organizations such as Tuesday Night Ride, Jefferson County Growth Association, Bottleneck Bridge Ride, Historic Tanglefoot Association and countless other charity and community events throughout the year.

Photo by Andrew Held

Perhaps civic participation runs in his blood. While Andy’s father passed away at a young age, he served on the Festus Park Board. Like his father, Andy has a sense of justice and a commitment to give back to the city and community who held has him throughout his life. Despite Andy’s heritage, experiences, education and extensive event involvement, he never claims to “know it all” or be the “smartest person in the room.” He deliberately seeks out the strengths and talents others possess.

With a genuine curiosity to learn what drives people, Andy spends time asking the question, “why?” By understanding the reason behind someone’s motivation, he is able to identify and nurture an individual’s special skill set and how they can contribute to a team.

This encouragement, paired with Andy’s contagious passion allows others to feel held and safe to stretch to new stages of growth. In honoring the natural attributes others can bring to the table, Andy has mastered the paradox of allowing someone to feel they belong to a unified group, while inviting them to stand out to practice what makes them unique.

As a true leader, Andy helps people expand to their next level of impact. Our community is grateful for the many ways Mr. Held holds all of us up to a higher standard of excellence. We thank him for providing assurance that we can be secure and held in a community with leaders who honor our authenticity and hold space for all we have to offer.

May we exhale in the comfort of being held and connected by inspirational leaders like Andy Held. This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to show up, share, connect, and support in your own way. You will be embraced and held here.

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Photo by Andrew Held

Mercy Hospital Jefferson

Tuesday Night Ride

Jefferson County Growth Association

Bottleneck Bridge Ride

Historic Tanglefoot Association

The Corner Cup Micro Bakery

Where you might find Andy out and about:

Tuesday Night Ride – Every Tuesday Night!

6/11/24 – 9th Anniversary Tuesday Night Ride Invitation

Andy and I are also members of Jefferson County Growth Association and The Historic Tanglefoot Association, both organizations that support our community:

6/20/24 – The LARGEST *FREE* Networking Event in Jefferson County!

You are invited to join us at the next meeting open to the public:

8/22/24 at 6:00 PM, The Next Historic Tanglefoot Association General Meeting (Open To The Public!)


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