Interview with Local Entrepreneur and Music Therapist: Dustin Politte-Bender, Owner of Positive Note Music Therapy

Dustin Politte-Bender, Music Therapist and Owner of Positive Note Music Therapy

I write a lot about creating a balanced life. I love to learn and share tools, techniques, concepts, hacks and ideas to benefit many layers of our well-being, on a mental, physical and emotional standpoint. So often we get to a breaking point where all aspects of our life have become so discombobulated, we hit a wall or have an event that forces us to change for the sake of sanity and clarity. It is often within this grief, sorrow and hardship, we discover alternative ways of coping and living this life. If we are lucky enough, we can apply learned skills to cope and manage challenges to allow our brains to find solace and comfort when we need it the next time life throws curveballs at us.

Some of the wisest folks find ways to be proactive along the journey to consistently nourish, develop and strengthen their overall well-being to have a solid structure in place, strong for when there is an unexpected curveball.

Many find music helps to fuel and nourish the mind, body and soul. Regardless of age, demographic, experience or background, music plays a powerful part in the entire essence of one’s well-being. Regardless if that person is using music on a proactive vantage point or for a more reactive, therapeutic benefit, music pairs well with our internal world to create balance, strength and the support we need.

Dustin Politte-Bender, owner of Positive Note Music Therapy helps individuals, families and businesses, serving people of varied ages in different mental health capacities, all living in different life chapters, for both proactive and reactive ways to gain balance and enhance inner calm and serenity.

Dustin is a professional, Board-Certified Music Therapist who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy. While the word “therapy” often has a stigma, correlating it as just a remedy for suffering from a traumatic event, Dustin is on a mission to shine the light that anyone can find value with the incorporation of intentional music practices into their life. He has worked with young children, enriching juvenile brains that are just developing, as well as those in geriatric communities with brains that are struggling with memory, many in palliative care or on hospice. His clients have included family units in bereavement, as well as individuals who are looking to add sparks of joy into their life. Regardless of the reasoning behind why Dustin is involved, all report positive evidence that music helps.

Dustin’s goal is to ensure the benefits of his sessions last long term. He has a holistic approach to help people who are either dealing with a tough situation or for those who are working with him to improve their health and wellness habits, similar to those who see a nutritionist to up-level their mindful eating choices or those who work with a trainer in the gym to help with movement.

Dustin consistently witnesses how small habits and itty-bitty actions create a ginormous impact. He combines music with the psychology and brain science to enhance all ages and ability groups with their specific needs and goals. He conveniently travels with his mobile array of instruments to work within homes, schools, hospitals, hospice and rehab facilities, senior living communities, wellness studios, camps, businesses and more. Dustin takes his instruments and inspirational energy throughout St. Louis and Jefferson Counties. While he has worked in this industry for years, he recently started his own private practice. I applaud and admire his courageous entrepreneurship.

Dustin was born and raised in De Soto and lives in Crystal City, Missouri with his wife, Tiffany. We met at On the Grind Coffee, where he frequents often. He drank, and highly recommends, their “Samoas Mocha” which is a coffee mixed with mocha, caramel and coconut flavors. Yummy! Dustin loves this community and supporting the people and establishments within our Twin City area.

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to also support our local businesses. I invite you to connect with Dustin to learn more about the incredibly powerful musical services he offers to explore how music can play an instrumental role for proactive balance and in reaction to life’s curveballs.

You can find many other ways to work with your mental well-being here on this website. Just click under the “Mind” category.

Positive Note Music Therapy


Dustin and I enjoyed talking over our tasty drinks on the spacious outdoor patio at On the Grind Coffee Company:

On the Grind Coffee Company in Crystal City, MO

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