Jared Poyner, Just Proving Mindset Matters

Jared Poyner at The Corner Cup Micro Bakery

There is a difference in mindset when we are doing something for the short term versus the long term. It is kind of like the difference between having a “diet mentality” and making healthy choices and sustainable changes for the betterment of our long-term health.

It is the identity we create, own, and claim that influences our mindset.

It is our mindset that influences the choices we make.

Jared Poyner, local Loan Officer with PrimeLending makes choices everyday, based on his identity of someone who helps people long-term, regardless of the housing inventory, interest rates, or market fluctuations.

His long-term mindset started when he made this career choice in 2008. Despite the shifting industry changes, with so many ups and downs since he started, Jared has been able to maintain and sustain a calm and collected mindset. He is proud to own and claim this solid identity as a Loan Offer, based in Hillsboro, Missouri.

Within any solidified mindset and strong identity, it takes experience. Jared’s experience over the last 15 years has enabled him to be proactive with potential problems, while being creative with a variety of solutions to ensure loans go through. His solutions are rooted in integrity. He promises full transparency and guarantees he will always be timely and responsive with his communication through every step of the home-buying or refinancing journey.

Regardless of where someone is at within their buying or refinancing journey, Jared’s mindset is always focused on the best interest of the people he is serving. His mindset to be in the industry for the long haul, regardless of the market conditions, allows Jared to help, educate, and support people, without creating an unneeded sense of urgency or pressure. With this type of energy, Jared is able to create realistic expectations to ensure everyone remains as calm as possible with transactions.

Jared’s identity of having a calm composure is especially helpful to new, first-time (and sometimes anxious) homebuyers and/or real estate agents. Jared prides himself on helping to soothe all by having a smooth process. He operates in a way that always offers peaceful next steps. He attributes the success of consistently seamless transactions to partnering with other trusted professionals who are also able to help and serve, with integrity, along the way. Jared spoke so highly of the PrimeLending team of processors and underwriters, as well as the title companies, and closers who he works closely with. Everyone’s collaborative efforts to serve with integrity allows for a positive, calm, and memorable milestone moment. 

Jared lit up and smiled when he talked about how many itty-bitty and big milestones he has been honored to share with people. He absolutely loves the relationships he has built with his clients, staying connected with them through the years. They appreciate that Jared is on this journey with them for the long-haul and have consequently referred their friends and family to him. These referrals are a testimony of the positive, trusted identity Jared has built. 

This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to connect with Jared for a positive interaction for any lending, home-buying, or refinancing questions. Working with someone who owns and claims a healthy mindset, with a solid identity of commitment for the long haul, will benefit your long term future.

Jared Poyner, NMLS: 292518

Jefferson County-based Loan Officer with PrimeLending, a national mortgage lender.

Jared and I connected over coffee and conversation at:

The Corner Cup Micro Bakery in Festus, MO

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