Keeping Mom Cool at Kasabi 

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As a parent, do you ever feel like you need to “up your game” to keep being cool with your kids? As my kids get older, I sometimes chuckle at my desire to impress them. As cool as I know I am, I am also intentional to incorporate silliness and fun to keep myself cool… even if it is just to create a smile for myself, or for them.

My son and I were recently smiling as we were planning out a fun mommy-son date night out. He said he wanted to try somewhere “cool.” I was just the gal to bring the cool factor to our evening out.

He had not been to Kasabi Japanese Steak, Sushi & Ramen yet. I thought this was just the perfect, most cool place to show him how cool his mama really is! 

Upon arriving, I asked to sit at the sushi bar so he could see the cool sushi artists artistically putting together the sushi creations.

I surprised my cool kid with the coolest kid-friendly blue raspberry “Ramune Japanese Soda” in a glass bottle. He loved every cool, sweet drop. 

I was THAT cool mom who let him choose a meal from the adult menu! He wisely chose shrimp hibachi with noodles. YUM!

I ordered my favorite seaweed salad, the Atlanta Sushi roll, which is a rolled mix of crawfish, avocado, cream cheese, topped with crab with their amazing chef sauce, and a side of their teriyaki-flavored roasted vegetables. YUM-YUM!

We were both cool as we used our chopsticks to eat our yummy food. 

As a bonus, cool way to impress my son, I ordered him a cool dessert. 

I chose the strawberry-flavored Mochi ice cream, which was beautifully plated with fresh greens, strawberry syrup, and whipped cream! He loved every cool bite. 

I loved every cool and memorable moment being with my cool kid.

This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to create your own memories with all the cool aspects of Kasabi Japanese Steak, Sushi & Ramen

What cool things do you like about Kasabi Japanese Steak, Sushi & Ramen?

343 N. Creek Drive 

Festus, MO 63028

(314) 937-9617

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P.S. On a deeper level, I think you are cool, just the way you are. 

You have no one to impress. 

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