Kettlehut’s Smokehouse in Crystal City, MO

Kettlehut's Smokehouse in Crystal City, MO

Last night we did not plan to go out to eat. We had the oven preheating with full intentions of dining in; however, after what seemed like a long week, I did not have the energy to prepare dinner or clean up dishes thereafter. But, I was really craving some home-cooked food. I did not want to change out of my comfortable athletic wear to get dolled up and I was too hungry to navigate which restaurant had as minimal of a wait time as possible. Since so many people, like us, love to go out to eat in the Festus, Missouri area, there is often a 30 to 90-minute wait time during prime dinner hours on weekends. I called Kettlehut’s Smokehouse, located in Crystal City, MO, and they said they could seat our party of six immediately. I was stoked! We turned off the oven, piled in our old-school minivan to race out to get some food.

You can truly come “as you are” to Kettlehut’s. No dress code or fanciness required. They have a laid-back, country-cozy, comfortable atmosphere. In their one and only dining room, wooden booths surround the perimeter while tables fill the middle. It is not a large restaurant, but there is a bar and several TVs, tuned into sports. Eclectic, colorful art, mostly with a musical theme cover the walls. 

Kettlehut’s Smokehouse is a local, family-run restaurant, specializing in delicious smoked meats. They consistently offer smoked pulled pork, chicken, beef, turkey, ribs and wings; however, depending on day of the week/specials offered, they also serve beef tenderloin, steak, ham and seafood…all savory and extremely tender. Due to smoking meat fresh daily, it is first come, first serve…get it while it lasts!

Create a dinner plate full of meat or add your choice of meat to top nachos, a salad, or add in a sandwich. Their seven home-crafted sauces, such as a traditional barbecue, “Sissy Spicy” and a bourbon-flavored sauce, complement any dish you order. They also have a variety of tasty burger and wing selections. As a Wisconsin-born and raised girl, I am not used to (but now love) “southern-style” appetizers and sides such as hand-breaded and golden-fried green tomatoes, crunchy deep-fried pickles, crispy fried okra, hot fried corn on the cob and more.

Oh, and one must save room for dessert…or take some to go! Kettlehut’s bakes their own sweet treats such as heavenly creamy pies, flavorful fruit cobblers and “the best bread pudding in 3 counties!” Go ahead, add an itty-bitty scoop of ice cream on top.

With affordable pricing ($2.75 draft beer) and plentiful portions, you really get the best bang for your buck at Kettlehut’s Smokehouse.

We are always amazed at how efficient the Kettlehut’s kitchen crew and servers are. Our food is served fresh and hot, quick and accurate. Last night, Jackie took good care of our family. She was upbeat, polite and patient. 

The next time you need to fulfill your craving for some real, home-cooked, southern food, without wanting to wait or be fancy, consider Kettlehut’s Smokehouse to dine in or carry out. Also ask them about their catering options.

This is another non-paid endorsement to shine the light on our impressive Festus-area businesses and encourage you to support our local establishments.

1267 North Truman Blvd, Crystal City, MO


Originally written and posted on Facebook and Instagram on 1/28/23 by Sara. Please view my posts and stories on these platforms, dating back to 12/2/22 while I work to add all to this website. Thank you for reading, sharing and supporting our local community.

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