L. E. Crafts Ceramic Studio in Crystal City, MO

Dayton and Audrey at L. E. Crafts Ceramic Studio in Crystal City, MO

L.E. may stand for the initials of Lisa Ellison, who owns the DYI ceramic paint studio in Crystal City; however, after spending time within her space, I associate L.E. with the Loving Energy she has created within this environment.

Whether you are naturally artistic and creative, craving some inspiration or are unapologetically clueless when it comes to art, there is a Loving Energy welcoming all who walk through the door.


As a fellow Missouri transplant, Lisa welcomed my children and I to spend time painting ceramic pottery that she has carefully poured and molded herself. While Lisa is newer with her business in Missouri, she is not new to ceramic industry and art form. She has been creating and painting ceramics for the last 40 years. In 2018, she and her family moved to the Festus area from Texas, due to her husband’s career.

Lisa’s Loving Energy is evident in the way she interacts and treats everyone like family. The studio is open to all ages, art abilities/skill sets and for all different reasons for coming in to paint…

Craving some therapeutic solitude and time away from others?

Need an opportunity to bond with a friend, your children or partner?

Looking for a hands-on date idea?

How about a way to engage with your senior neighbor or relative?

Need a memorable birthday or celebration experience?

Whether it is with itty-bitty kiddos or adults, Lisa caters the time to each person and event, never wavering with the consistent Loving Energy she generates. She has three separate, private rooms set up that can hold 18 kids or 15 grown-ups. The options of items to paint are endless. Lisa stocks popular pieces and changes out the inventory with the changing seasons.

Regardless of the season, here is how this all works:

You can either call ahead to reserve a time for yourself or your group, or just stop in when the studio is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM. If you need a time for your party or group when the studio is typically closed, you can always connect with Lisa on this.

Adults can pick out what they would like to paint and the cost is $20 per hour. Children (accompanied by an adult) are able to pick out an item from the children’s section and can stay to paint as long as needed for a flat rate of $10. The cost is all-inclusive! It includes the ceramic piece, your paint, brushes, firing and any help you may need. When you are done that day, you leave your painted ceramic piece with Lisa.

When the studio is closed Sunday through Wednesday, Lisa is busy creating molds and firing/finalizing the painted products. After the firing process, the ceramic piece is like glass: microwave, oven safe and dishwasher safe!

You then return when the studio is open again to feel the Loving Energy within L. E. Crafts Ceramic Studio to pick up your final work of art to relish in the Loving Energy you put into the special piece you created.

This is a non-paid endorsement, inviting you to create an opportunity to meet Lisa and check out this lovingly energetic studio. We each encourage you to explore painting and creating art that you can love on, and cherish forever.

L. E. Crafts Ceramic Studio

508 Truman Blvd Suite E., Crystal City, MO




Lisa and her son, Robert, at the Jefferson County Growth Association Networking event in June, 2023.

Our finished works of art at our home in Festus, MO.

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