Local Entrepreneur Spotlight on Paige Johnson with Honey & The Bee Photography

Paige Johnson

Spring is a distinctive time of renewal. It is a period when we observe a pure representation of the Earth, and our souls, encouraging a colder, darker season to pass while we welcome a warm, bright rebirth of nature and life around us.

Photo by Paige Johnson

Spring does not last, nor do the regenerating moments that represent our own life cycle.
Milestones such as the birth of a baby, or saying goodbye to a life lived, quickly pass. In these emotionally-charged occasions, crave being mentally present, while also wanting to seize time and hold onto the feeling long after the event. While we can never recreate the magical moments that make up and define our life, Paige Johnson provides the next best thing. She graces the world by capturing life-changing experiences in the form of “story-telling photography.” She has mastered the art of catching authentic energy, raw reactions and the spectrum of emotions throughout the spectrum of occasions each life has to offer.

Photo by Paige Johnson

While Paige has the knowledge and skillset to take pictures anything, or anyone, for any reason, she has created a niche in the Jefferson County area by using her camera to document tender times that could never be predicted or replicated. She specializes in birth and in end-of-life events. Paige’s goal is to allow others to experience and appreciate all the intangible aspects of a moment, while she captures the story. This allows her to present tangible images of memories to be passed onto generations.

Photo by Paige Johnson

Paige is cognizant and sensitive of her presence within these sacred spaces of vulnerability. Her compassionate and gentle energy silently assures and comforts people as they are often feeling pain, discomfort, grief, joy, excitement or confusion when she is there.

Photo by Paige Johnson

Paige has also been asked, and honored, to help photograph other rare, major life milestones such as proposals, keys to a new home, hospice farewells, and more. She focuses on getting glimpses of raw reactions for those to remember what that moment represented to all.

Photo by Paige Johnson

Paige has been perfecting her photography art since 2006. She has owned and operated Honey and The Bee Photography for the last 8+ years.  Paige typically travels to take photos on location within 1.5 hours around her Hillsboro, MO home.

This is another non-paid endorsement shining the light on our brilliant entrepreneurs in our Festus-area community. I invite you to give yourself, and others, the gift of fully experiencing life’s most precious, passing moments, as you allow Paige Johnson to capture that moment to be forever treasured, and passed on.

Photo by Sara Plew

Learn more about Paige Johnson on her social media pages:

Facebook: Honey & The Bee Photography

Instagram: @honeyandthebeephotography

Paige and I had a ball talking over a delicious dinner on our charming and historic Festus Main Street at:

POG’s/Pogolino’s in Festus, MO

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