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Sara and Dayton at Pogolino's in Festus, MO

Earlier this week, I posted about the Unbelievable Mystical Magic in The Mine at Bonne Terre. Reminiscing about this day brought me back to where my son and I went after his field trip to enjoy more precious time together. We always create precious memories together at Pogolino’s on our charming, historic Festus Main Street.

 This is another itty-bitty, non-paid endorsement encouraging you to carve out time to share your precious self with others as you connect to create precious memories. Thank you for supporting Our(FANTASTIC)FESTUS-area community!

I invite you to keep reading to reminisce with me as you plan out your precious weekend:

“May we go to Pogolino’s, please!?”

This was the question my nine-year-old son asked after his fourth grade class field trip recently. Of course, I was excited to say, “YES!” and equally eager to go.

Pogolino’s Festus is one of the rare Festus-area establishments open on Mondays. We loved our rare “day date” together. 

As my itty-bitty boy is growing, I am shocked by how big his appetite is, and how much food he can throw down! Recently, his eating reminds me of the caterpillar in The Very Hungry Caterpillar children’s book by Eric Carle.

My little man:

– Scarfed all of his crisp chef salad with ham, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and their creamy ranch dressing.

– Savored each little piece of his warm, buttered bread, dipped ranch.

– Patiently waited for the hot, fried mushrooms to cool down so he could gobble those up, dipped in MORE ranch.

– Concluded his four-course meal by eating almost every slice of his saucy, cheesy, pepperoni and bacon pizza with sprinkled parmesan cheese on top…and also dipped in ranch!

As a lover of ranch dressing myself, I do not blame him. Pogolino’s ranch is dynamite, as was all the food we enjoyed on that visit:

The desserts Pogolino’s serve from The Corner Cup Micro Bakery are also dynamite; however, this very hungry little boy was now too full for sweet treats for this visit.

This is another sweet, non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to enjoy a day date at Pogolino’s. Or, go in anytime they are open to dip anything you want in their amazing ranch dressing. You will love it!

Pogolino’s lovingly collaborates with other local businesses to offer so many delicious creations to the patrons who love to support our local community. As always, thank you for reading and sharing to spread the love. 

Pogolino’s Festus

29 East Main Street

Festus, MO 63028

(636) 937-6600

Pogolino’s Website

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