Meraki Tattoo & Piercing in Crystal City/Festus, MO

Meraki Tattoo & Piercing in Crystal City/Festus, MO

With school being out, there is a liberating energy that only summertime brings. A hankering to be sassy, spontaneous, risky, daring and adventurous! As you explore your wilder side and crave to express yourself in an artistic way, I invite you to wander into . I wrote about them before and I have been thinking about them with this exciting transitional energy shift.

My original write up:  

My daughter was so excited to receive earrings for Christmas this year. This fall, she had her ears pierced at Meraki Tattoo & Piercing on Main Street in Crystal City/Festus on 520 C Bailey Road.We were SO impressed by Kali Piercer. Kali welcomed us in, without an appointment. She was warm and kind, and talked my daughter through the whole process. My daughter was able to pick out her new earrings and we had a private room for the “piercing event.” Kali treated my daughter with respect and ensured she was comfortable before, during and after.

She sent us home with a cleaning kit and instructions for how to care for the new piercing. Sure enough, her ears healed perfectly over the last couple months and she can now wear new earrings.

Everything in Meraki Tattoo & Piercing clean and sparkling. The decor was attractive and intriguing. 

Per their Facebook account:

“We are a veteran & female owned tattoo studio with fantastic artists and a relaxing environment. Feel free to come in and talk about your next body mod!”

We highly recommend you connect with/visit Meraki Tattoo & Piercing and Kali Piercer for any of your questions/future itty-bitty, or big, body enhancements.

This is another non-paid endorsement for yet another fabulous Festus-area business. So grateful to live in, and support, our local businesses. Please share. 

Kali Piercer

Originally written on 12/27/22 by Sara, Writer/Creator of


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