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Happy Halloween from 1988!

???Happy Halloween from 1988! This is 4-year old me, loving my carved pumpkin, rocking my “Dog the Bounty Hunter” mullet next to my older brother,

A Toxic Relationship With Time

Time has shown up like a toxic relationship in my life. I have experienced a roller coaster, love/hate relationship with time.  Whether I have wished

Healing with Honey Bees Herbal 

Sometimes we are so driven and distracted by what we “should” do – to feel or be a certain “something,” we stray away from our

Service Fulfillment Formula 

Sometimes we feel stagnant. Despite the busyness that consumes us, or the open space in our schedule, we feel empty. Even if we are always

Beauty in Buffer Building

I have come to the realization that I have lived the majority of my adult life in a mental state similar to the intense velocity

Phenological Observations

Treasure hunts are fun at any age. Hidden objects for us to find evoke feelings of hopeful anticipation and positive exhilaration within our souls. One

Word of the Day: Pivot

This morning, as I was drinking my coffee and looking out my kitchen window, I saw the most beautiful, pastel pink streaks in the sky.


“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” – LAURA INGALLS WILDER Wishing you some itty-bitty moments outside to replenish your


“A happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection, but on balance.” @aquamaryna This quote resonates with me as I focus more on


There is an energy surge most of us associate with the word “new.” Today welcomes many new unfoldings:  a new day a new week  a


Perhaps it is my stubborn German heritage or maybe I have a subconscious inferiority complex, but I have recognized a pattern of resisting help. It


Being a transplant resident in Festus, Missouri, many ask WHY I am promoting living and loving life in the Festus area? Having lived in many