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Choosing Your Father-Figure Mentor

I am beyond blessed to have a fantastic father. Despite now living in different states, he has always been present and engaged. I am grateful

9th Anniversary of Tuesday Night Ride

June 11th, 2024 marked the 9th Anniversary Tuesday Night Ride (TNR). Per local leader and one of the original Tuesday Night Ridge founders, Andy Held,

Judgment-free Free Time

From age 9 to 17, it was extremely fortunate to be able to attend a weeklong summer camp at Pine Lake Camp in central Wisconsin.

Receive All That Is Required

What if we didn’t need to feel any pressure on making “good” or “bad” choices?  What if everything worked out?  What if we received everything

Coffee Maker Clean Out

The other morning I woke up feeling tired, heavy, and achy. As I forced my eyes open, I thanked myself for setting my programmable coffee

Discovering the Beauty in the Ditch 

Within this Memorial Day weekend, many of us are traveling, which prompted a travel reflection… We travel on roads, literally and figuratively. Sometimes the street

The Gospel According to Gail

I honor, respect and love my mother, Gail, every day of the year; however, this Mother’s Day, I wanted pay a special tribute to her.

The Intention Equation

Earlier this week, my son asked what the word “intention” meant. He said he thought it was a feeling that you have.  I concurred, and