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Receive All That Is Required

What if we didn’t need to feel any pressure on making “good” or “bad” choices?  What if everything worked out?  What if we received everything

Coffee Maker Clean Out

The other morning I woke up feeling tired, heavy, and achy. As I forced my eyes open, I thanked myself for setting my programmable coffee

Discovering the Beauty in the Ditch 

Within this Memorial Day weekend, many of us are traveling, which prompted a travel reflection… We travel on roads, literally and figuratively. Sometimes the street

Reflective Reflections

Last week I wrote about Strong Outer Shells Covering Soft Inner Souls, as it relates to how we view others, especially when we perceive pain.

Ode to Dogwoods

I wrote and posted this last year on April 13, 2023. Today, exactly one year later, I am still reflecting on the beauty within OurFESTUS

That Was Easy

Do you remember those red buttons that Staples put out a few years ago? They sat on your desk and you would press it, and

Fall in Love at LaChance Vineyards

LaChance Vineyards is THE destination in DeSoto, Missouri to relax, unwind, and fall in love with your life, and serenity. I believe in creating a

Sweet Spring Break Suitcase

While I am staying in Festus, Missouri for this Spring Break, I associate this time of year with packing up to go on a trip.