Move Your Meal Outside & Enjoy LIVE Music at Main & Mill

Main & Mill Brewing Company in Festus, MO

Recently Main & Mill Brewing Company declared on their Facebook Page:

“Coming soon to a patio near you! We will have live music on our upper deck every other Wednesday and Friday evening!”

Ohhhh YEAA! Let’s go! I am so excited for MUSIC to also be part of the Main & Mill experience. Please keep reading to check out what I think about Moving Your Meal Outside at Main & Mill…

There is a certain kind of energy we feel when we dine outside it. Connecting and refueling with the element air, as we refuel our bodies with nourishment is uniting. Perhaps that is why we enjoy picnics and have positive memories of eating alfresco, whether we are by ourselves, or with others.

When the weather is favorable, it is nourishing to enjoy eating outside in the Festus, Missouri area. Whether I am by myself, with my kids, on a date night, or out with friends, I love the energy of an outdoor patio. Located on our charming and historic Festus Main Street, Main & Mill Brewing Company has the perfect space to move the meal outside. 

I have written about my love of the interior of Main & Mill Brewing Company before (see below). Today, I would like to highlight their environment outside to expand on what this incredible restaurant and team have to offer. There are two outdoor patio decks.

The larger one is covered with ambient lights, on the second floor, and overlooks the back of the building. Both areas have nearby restrooms, right inside the door. Sturdy picnic style tables add a relaxing element to the seating. The upper patio also has a big TV screen for viewing sports or whatever entertaining channel is on. 

It is entertaining and exciting to try their limited edition specials with their drinks and food. The food is consistently on-point with the fresh and flavorful appetizers and entrees. Regardless if you are sitting outdoors or indoors, the Main & Mill Brewing Company hosts, servers, bartenders, kitchen crew, and managers continually impress. Each time we are there, several people inquire to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. It always is. 

This is another itty-bitty, non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to explore and experience Main & Mill Brewing Company, and other sweet establishments, when you dine and support our local people and places.

Where is your favorite place to eat outside in OurFESTUS area?

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As always, thank you for sharing this, as you connect and support our brave business owners in our community.

Main & Mill Brewing Company


240 East Main Street

Festus, MO 63028


Main & Mill’s Website

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